Writing is survival. Writing is sticking a flag in the terrain of your life & making a claim on the territory. Writing is confirmation, a telegram from you to yourself, telling you that you’re still alive. Writing is the last outpost of vital, independent thought in lobotomized times. Writing is a proactive act in a prescribed world. Writing is a connection to our innate wellspring of creativity, which is our connection to the magical box of tricks which is the universe. Imagination is the umbilical chord connecting us to god – creating is the closest we get to being gods ourselves.

Miggy Angel, from Grime Kerbstone Psalms


Knowth Kerbstone 15: The Sundial Stone

This stone was found at Knowth, a Neolithic passage tomb in the Boyne Valley of Ireland. While Newgrange is by far the most famous of the three Boyne Valley passage-tombs, Knowth is by far the most impressive in terms of megalithic art, scale and layered history. Knowth contains one quarter of all known megalithic art in Europe, has two passages, and a total of 18 smaller “satellite mounds”. The site was excavated and thoroughly investigated archaeologically over a period of 40 years.