kenzie babbles


Age two and a half

“Where’s your favourite brother gone?” Brent teased his little sister, peeking out between his fingers to see what Kenzie’s reaction was.

“Spencer?” Kenzie babbled the name of her baby brother. Not the answer that Brent was hoping for.

“Nooo, silly! Where’s Brent gone?”

Kenzie ended up mimicking the actions of her older brother and covered her eyes with her hands.

anonymous asked:

Are you okay? I saw your tags on the avoiding people post... Lots of love <3 <3 <3

Thank you honey bun I’m okay

Just sick of living in a household where a horrible person can get away with treating others - especially me - like complete shit. But it’s okay, I’m dealing. :) Thankfully it’ll only be for so much longer and then I can get away from him.

ily though thank you for being so sweet ♥♥