I didn’t make this okay.Credits goes to the people who made them.

And these stuff i wrote are just what i’m imagining okay

  • iF ONLY!! Wouldn’t this be amazing?! If Persona 5 featured a 16 or 17 year-old Nanako and there’s a teengae ken(Idk how old he should be if nanako’s 16, I can’t be bothered to count, if anybody does tell me?)
  • But look at Minako and Minato in the Velvet Room…idk if i should be happy or not
  • Ken’s quite popular and a flirt too,but the only person (in the beginning) that stays in his heart is Minako.
  • I know Ken loves Minako, but i like to think that maybe in the future he meets Nanako who reminds him so much of Minako (idk why i just want it to be like that) and they fall in love with each other.
  • Oh and Ken carries a tiny Minako keychain that’s attached to his phone.And Ken’s popular at school, like Nanako too.