Kent MonkmanThe Collapsing of Time and Space in an Ever Expanding Universe, 2011

In a life-size museum diorama, the artist’s alter ego Miss Chief, appears simultaneously in the past, present, and future as an aging diva alone in her Parisian apartment listening repeatedly to her one “hit” record - Dance to Miss Chief. Overcome with nostalgia, tears well up as she gazes longingly through a window at a sublime landscape - the trackless forests of her nubile youth but a distant memory. (via)

Displaying Three Decades of LGBTQ Art Censored by Museums

Displaying Three Decades of LGBTQ Art Censored by Museums

Alma Lopez, “Our Lady” (1999), digital print, 17.5 x 14 in. (Courtesy of the artist, all images courtesy Leslie-Lohman Museum)

In Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorshipopening next month at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York, all of the art has previously been censored from major museums. The 17 artists represent the “controversial” perception of LGBTQ work over…

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i'm so pissed/disappointed.

i really hoped this whole PORK magazine cowboys and indians photoshoot debacle would end well. or at least, with as much mutual respect as possible. calling people morons (via twitter) and using condescending dictionary definitions to dismiss any criticisms pretty much means that plane has flown.

also, i thought about it some more… and i think i should send them a letter showing them what efficient and appropriate kitschy, campy, playing with cowboys and indians stereotypes can look like:

i present to you miss chief eagle testickle, one of cree artist kent monkman's many creations/performances.