“You don’t see the hungry ghosts that cling to you. I will help.”

The Iteshi of western Suzutai turned their backs to the Spirits, snaring souls at the moment of death. Their isles are haunted now by the misplaced desires and regrets of the bound dead. Hunters must keep them in check, and the finest is Kensu and his Spirit of Conviction.

Kensu is a ranged, physical damage Carry who combines powerful engage tools and flexibility in teamfights. Kensu is suited best for the Gladiator role, though can also be a successful Tactician – Kensu’s unique basic attack style allows him to last hit easily but also trade powerfully with enemy laners. Kensu’s core kit revolves around his ability to stay flexible in duels and small skirmishes. Knowing which stance to be using can easily mean the difference between a kill and a death. Kensu’s late game teamfight power is incomparable – his ultimate allows teamfights to take place on his team’s terms and often when the enemy least expects it.

Passive – Pure Shaper – Quick Release – Kensu may cast his abilities freely. Kensu nocks up to 2 arrows and may fire them in quick succession with his basic attack.

Q – Haunt – Kensu switches between Malice and Despair arrows. Malice arrows deal bonus magical damage, while Despair arrows slow targets.

W – Thrill of the Hunt – Passive: Kensu’s basic attack reduce the target’s armor. Active: After stacking Thrill of the Hunt’s armor shred, Kensu may dash within a limited area around the target.

E – Kill Shot – Kensu fires an arrow in target direction, dealing physical damage to the first target hit. The effect of the arrow differs based on which arrow he currently has nocked from his Haunt ability.

  • Malice: Deals damage based on target’s missing health.
  • Despair: Deals damage and slows additional nearby targets.

R – Voidbreaker – Kensu projects a ghastly force in target direction, damaging and fearing the first Shaper hit while carving a path through impassable terrain.

"Regrets of Yesterday"

          I hated her, my mistake. I lost her, I regret. She will never come back, my remorse. Everything began to fall into their place after that day, that day that changed everything and our lives. 5 years of pain and regrets, I can still remember that day. She sacrifices everything just for me. How can I forget that day, if every single day of my life it is killing me with pain and sorrow? How can I ever forget My Regrets of Yesterday?

          Swishing trees, the howling wind and the sound of skates through the rink are the sounds that over take on my ears. It’s winter time on our Kingdom Kensus. I felt dizzy, and then suddenly I heard a knock on the door. “Bonjour. Princess Yesha, can I come in?” oh, it’s our servant. “Yes, come in” I said on a cozy voice. “Princess Yesha, King Lezu and Queen Eliza have something to tell” our servant said. I immediately go downstairs to know what it is all about but they only said that my sister will be the one to attend the masquerade ball. I feel so upset. Princess Yize is my older sister. Ever since we are not close with each other and my parents love her more than I. Thus there’s this thing that we both want, a little brother. They always appreciate her even though I am trying to do my best. She is always right. While me? Oh don’t even ask it! I’m always the one who is being corrected. From then on, I’ve started to hate my sister.

            They said that she is almost perfect. They always say to her “I am stunned by your beauty and grace, you are a statue of Aphrodite to come to life!” and sometimes I feel irritated and jealous. But my mom always says that we are both beautiful and equal in her eyes. As the moon glistening on the dark blue ocean quietness, one evening my friend from the other kingdom visits us. Princess Dianne she is a simple princess from Kingdom Oxus. “Bonsoir” she said with a smile. “I would like you to meet my brother, Prince Tritz” she added. Prince Tritz is a handsome prince and his crown fits him. But as I always, I think he has an admiration on my sister. They go in the garden and talk with each other. I envy her. After that night, I began to love painting different scenery. As I was painting pine trees, I heard someone shouting. “Princess, Princess Yesha” said our servant. “What’s the noise all about?!” I said on a blustering voice. But I saw a box, I opened it. My eyes begin to glimmer and I smiled, I just saw a bunch of chocolates with a bouquet on it. I wonder who gave it. Then I ask, “From who?.” “Actually, we don’t know” she said on a soft voice. From then on, I started to receive gifts from an anonymous person. I have no idea who gave it.

          Saturday morning, it was a nice day to start. I look around on our castle. But as I was walking, I saw Prince Tritz. He handed an invitation on me with a bouquet of flowers. It was an invitation for a ball on their kingdom. I was excited for the ball. For the very first time, I was the one who is invited and it’s not my sister. As I go back to my room, I saw another box. There was a letter, “Please wear this on the ball, I prepared it for you. I hope you will like it.” As I opened it, I just saw a ball gown. It is an elegant one, I just can’t explain how beautiful it is. As I was preparing myself for the ball, I heard a knock on the door. “Come in” I said. “Good Evening, Princess Yesha. The vehicle is now ready so hurry up” our servant said. I immediately go downstairs we go to the Kingdom of Oxus. When I arrived, they stop. All of them are staring at me, my heart starts to beat fast as I thought something was wrong. “You are stunning Princess Yesha” Prince Tritz said as he kissed my hand. I was shocked of what I heard, did I just hear that? It was the first time that they appreciated me more than my sister. This day is one of the best days ever.  I enjoyed the ball. We dance like there’s no other day.

          Next morning, I was in good condition because of what happen last night. I was happy because I experienced to be appreciated. As I was walking on the garden, I saw my sister and she approached me. “So, how was the ball last night Yesha? Did you enjoy it?” she said while smiling. “It was nice because you are not there and I was the one who is appreciated” I said on a harsh voice. “What are you trying to say?” she said. “Nothing, you’re just a waste of time” I replied to her. “Yesha, why are you acting like that? Ever since we are not close with each other and you always thinks that I am getting what is yours and that’s not true. You know Yesha, I am your sister!” she said on a loud voice. I didn’t look at her and I continue walking.

          Days passed and we were not talking with my sister. I hate her. She’s not my sister. But on the past days, unexpected things happen. Prince Tritz and I became close with each other. We often go to places and I often go their place. One day, when I arrived at our kingdom. I saw a small box, I wonder what is. As I opened it, I just saw a necklace and it was written on it, “Why” Right now, I’m very curious who is the one giving these gifts. During our dinner, we talk about my 16th birthday. “Yesha, your 16th birthday is fast approaching. Aren’t you happy?” my mom said to me. “Of course mom I’m happy and excited” I said with a smile on my face.

           As my birthday is approaching, the kingdom becomes busy preparing and planning. I also started receiving different gifts, letters and greetings. But there’s this gift that I love the most, it is a huge bear. There was a letter on it. “Advance Happy Birthday my princess, keep smiling. I will always love you. From the person who always cares for you”. I’m still wondering who gave it, but I am happy and thankful. Uh, maybe Prince Tritz are sending this? I thought to myself, I hope he was.

           On this evening, I have this weird feeling. Maybe I’m just excited because tomorrow is my birthday. I was walking here near the cliff. “Happy Birthday Princess!” my sister said to me with a smile. I didn’t utter a word to her, and I just leave her alone. Then suddenly I heard someone shouting. “Yesha, Yesha” it’s my sister. I just ignored her. “Yesha, please help me” my heart starts to beat fast. As I looked back, I just saw my sister fell on the cliff luckily she hold onto the branch of a tree. I stretched my arms, but I was too late. She fell down into the cliff, I just can’t move. Tears began to run through my cheeks. My whole world stops and I don’t know what to do. Then everything went black.

          “Yesha,Yesha” I heard a voice crying. I opened my eyes, I saw mom and dad. “Where is my sister?” I said on a trembling voice. “She’s gone” dad said. I can’t even say a world all I can do is to cry. I cried hardly. “It’s my fault. If only I help her immediately nothing will happen to her” I hate myself for being like this. I’m so jealous of her back then, and I didn’t dare to talk to her. If only I can bring back the time, if only. Give me another chance to correct my mistake. Then mom handed me a letter. “Hey, princess. Happy Birthday, I hope you are happy. But I have something to wish, I hope we can still be okay and treat each other like sisters. You are my only sister. Do you remember the gifts? Flowers, chocolates, bear and others? I was the one who gave it. I just wanted to make you happy even though you are mad at me. I will always care for you. All through these years I am wishing and hoping that you can also love me. I will always here for you. I will always love you. Please do take care of yourself. I love you my sister” I started crying again, I don’t know what to do. All I know I can do right now is to cry. I’m so lost. I can’t do anything. It’s too late. “I love you so much my sister” I said as I look up to the sky. For the first time I said that I love her too. I wish I can say that to her face to face. I closed my eyes and began to remember her face.

          5 years passed and I can still remember it. Pain and regret is hurting me all through this year. The love of my sister is priceless. Now, I have a little brother he is 2 years old. Prince Hize is his name. If only my sister is here, she always wants to have a brother. Just like my sister did to me, I will also love my brother with all my life. No regrets. “Sister Ehsa, can we play? Please.” Oh it’s my brother. “Of course. Come here” I said with a smile. I will waste my time on loving and taking good care of my brother. My sister will always be here on my heart, I will never forget her no matter what. My Regret of yesterday that will always be on my memories. Memories that will always be a nightmare and a mistake of the past.


  • Emil [Mech Prince] Hult:you'll be playing lady tinder probably
  • Emil [Mech Prince] Hult:then again there are a lot of furries in this game....
  • ShamBio★:i dont play furries what are you talking about
  • Emil [Mech Prince] Hult:look at your FFXIV character now back at me
  • ShamBio★:(envy)
  • Emil [Mech Prince] Hult:Look at your Guild Wars 2 character now back at me
  • Emil [Mech Prince] Hult:Look at your hype over Kensu now back at me
  • Emil [Mech Prince] Hult:Sadly, you will yiff in hell
  • ShamBio★:(envy)(envy)(envy)(envy)(envy)