just watched reign’s 2x11 and i actually hoped frary would rise from the ashes but nope

on the other side mary was brave as fuck when she held condé’s hand so you go girl fight for yourself

and francis is growing to be a better man for mary is GREAT (the scene with his baby was really cute)

(last thing: kenna and bash are sooo lovely together i hope they keep them togethe)

oh and thank god catherine didn’t go all crazy and killed her own daughter

So this is my beautiful creation Miru! I have been working on her for about a month and a half and I am finally finished. I wanted to do something different and create an original character under a steampunk theme. I hope you all like it as much as I do. I wanted to give her a gun and I might later, but not at the moment. Please do not take credit for my work, but you may post it just try if you can to keep my url on it. Thank you and have a good day!

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