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Illuminati Planning Another Financial Crash?

June 20, 2012

The PBS Documentary “The Warning”
 proves the Illuminati bankers
 deliberately sabotaged the financial
 system before 2008.  This was not the
 first time nor is it the last.

"Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation."
— Protocols of Zion, 20

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
( Posted in Oct 2009 and 2011, and more relevant than ever.)

As the talk of sovereign debt defaultsroil the markets, it appears the Illuminati bankers may cause another financial breakdown as a way to enact their New World Order. This certainly was their mantra during the 2008 crisis.

The PBS Frontline Documentary "The Warning" proves the Illuminati bankers deliberately sabotaged the financial system.
Shortly after Brooksley Born became Chair of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in Aug.1996, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan summoned her to his office.

He told her that being a regulator did not include preventing or policing fraudulent activity. He said the “market” would take care of that.  Remember this is from the Rothschild’s point man in America!

It stands to reason, doesn’t it? The Fed itself, and central banks in general, are the biggest fraud in the history of the world. They create our currency in the form of a debt to them. A medium of exchange should belong to no one. 

When Born tried to regulate the $495 trillion derivatives market, the four Illuminati Jews running the US financial system — Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers and Arthur Levitt stonewalled her proposals and read her the riot act.

In Congressional hearings, Born insisted she was trying to protect the people’s money from the reckless practices of US banks. 

But the “committee of four” assured Congress that regulation itself would bring down the system. Congress, dependent on bank campaign contributions, supinely agreed.

In 1998, right on schedule, the financial system almost collapsed when a hedge-fund, "Long Term Capital Management"  went belly up.  In a harbinger of the future housing bubble, the banks had made huge derivative bets on the Russian economy with LTCM.

The Fed forced 13 US and international banks to purchase the hedge-fund. Altogether $4.6 billion was lost. 

The documentary demonstrates that although the American (and world) economies were at stake, and despite this near catastrophe, the Clinton and Bush Administrations refused to regulate the derivative market, and allowed it to grow to an eventual $595 Trillion during the housing bubble.

Not only did they refuse to regulate the industry, they forced  Brooksley Born (left) out of her job by removing her powers.

Her prophesy came true in 2008. Because of derivatives called credit default swaps, the US taxpayer was forced to indemnify US and foreign banks for more than two trillion dollars.


At this time, Alan Greenspan was hauled before Congress and asked why he had rejected regulations.

The documentary shows him confessing that he had been “mistaken.” The “world view” that had guided him for 40 years — that markets were self regulating — had been wrong.

What is shocking, and you can see this for yourself in this amazing documentary, Greenspan is making a Masonic “triangular” hand sign as he offers this confession.

He is signaling to his fellow Illuminati that he knew exactly what he was doing. His confession was bogus.

Similarly, Arthur Levitt, the Chair of the SEC at the time, makes the same sign while confessing he should have listened to Brooksley Born.

In other words, this dangerous high wire act is Illuminati policy. Brooksley Born says that we can expect more financial turmoil until markets are regulated. Or until world government is instituted, I might add. 

Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers were in charge in 1998. Their then-deputies, Timothy Geitner and Ben Bernanke are in charge now. All are Fed or Goldman Sachs alumni. This is like asking cocaine addicts to regulate drugs.

The hand signs and the fact that no significant regulation has taken place, suggests market turmoil again will be used to bring down the US (and world?) economies, cause a depression and usher in the New World Order.

PBS is virtually a province of the Rockefeller empire. Yet this Frontline documentary is superb, what journalism should be. Apparently, the Illuminati is willing to operate “in plain sight,” after the damage is done. They are also willing to stoke public anger at their mainly Jewish underlings. 

Born seems to be a gentile. Her opponents were all Illuminati Jews. The optics are bad.

Essentially, the American people are being disenfranchised, disinherited and enslaved. Their leaders are Freemasons and Illuminati Jews who are dedicated to integrating the country into a world government run by the central bankers.

This is promised in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And it’s happening right on schedule.  


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When Satanists Make The Rules

By wmw_admin onMay 30, 2013

Henry Makow — May 29, 2013


(“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but of what is perceived as true.”) -Henry Kissinger


Most people don’t understand the scale and success of the “Conspiracy.”

The “Conspiracy” is the Establishment now. The “New World Order” is not something in the future. The Illuminati were refreshed in 1776 and immediately gained the upper hand in Europe and America. Using Freemasonry as vehicle, they grew in power throughout the 19th century and have been in charge since 1913. Freedom and democracy are fascades used to control the masses. They are window dressing to hide our true Masters and their agenda. Our Masters began as a Jewish heresy called “Sabbatean-Frankists” who impersonated every religion and nationality to gain world power. They are the Iluminati. Their bankers finagled ownership of the British money supply in 1694 and are expanding this credit monopoly into a monopoly over human life, i.e. Communism. They are supplanting God and redefining reality according to their self-interest and perversity. When Satanists make the rules, they invert right and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and evil. For example, our leaders are mostly traitors to the nation state.

Wars are designed to kill or degrade the goyim. The Illuminati shaped modern history and culture with this end in mind.They control the corporations, politicians, military, Intelligence agencies, education and the all-important mass media. Our “leaders” are controlled through blackmail. Society is a willing accomplice in its gradual self-destruction. In general, the goyim unconsciously know what  to do to get a piece of the scam.  Organized Jewry has been agents of the banker “internationalist” agenda for a long time. With their help, Western nations have been flooded by immigrants. Whites are becoming a minority. The Illuminati goal is to re-engineer and induct humanity into their satanic cult (Cabalism) by destroying “every collective [human] identity,” including race, religion, nation and family.



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KENITES (Hijacked The Name Jew But Is A Secular Zionist)

CNN Goldman Sachs & The Rothschild Zionist Matrix: Landmark Case ~ Rothschildism Delineated From Abrahamic Judaism!!

This video reveals how the Zionist Matrix of Power controls Media, Politics and Banking and how each segment supports and covers for the other segment. This documentary video is the first public expose’ that the same Zio who is the biggest stockholder of the mega Zio media corporation Time Warner, was the biggest stockholder also of Goldman Sachs at the time of the mortgage meltdown. It shows how the biggest economic theft in history, that by Goldman Sachs in the Mortgage meltdown, was covered up by Zio influence in media and government.


Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader, HENRY FORD, SR.

Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co.
"The Dearborn Independent."

Contents Here

Zionists Drown In Their Own Hatred

Who are the real haters: The Zionists, or the “hate groups” they vilify?

The “anti-hate” movement in North America is led by Zionists. American Zionist front organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are the top “anti-hate” groups. But their main enemy isn’t hatred - it’s people who don’t like Israel.

The SPLC maintains a “hatewatch” website, where it attacks publications not dominated or cowed by Zionists, such as While some of the SPLC’s targets do espouse racism, others are listed as “hate groups” because they speak truths Zionists don’t want to hear.

The SPLC calls Imam Mohammad al-Asi a hate-monger. Why? Because al-Asi tells the truth about 9/11: “In response to a question just after he’d left the podium, al-Asi claimed that five Israeli citizens - suspected members of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency - were filming the World Trade Center as the attacks took place.”

What the SLPC won’t tell you is that Asi’s “claim” is true. The Mossad agents set up their cameras ahead of time, pointing them at the World Trade Center. As the Twin Towers exploded, the “dancing Israelis” wildly celebrated the 9/11 operation’s success. After being positively identified as Mossad agents and failing lie detector tests, the dancing Israelis were sent back to Israel by Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a US-Israeli dual citizen, where they bragged on TV of having been sent to New York to “document the event.”

What is so hateful about discussing the evidence that Israel did 9/11? Why is blaming Muslims okay? Why the double-standard? The short answer: Because the “anti-hate groups” are Zionist propaganda operations.

It isn’t as if there is any evidence against the alleged Muslim perpetrators of 9/11. The FBI states that Osama Bin Laden was “not wanted” for 9/11 because there is “no hard evidence” of his involvement. Likewise, there is not a shred of evidence - boarding passes, ticket stubs, security videos, or testimony from airline employees - that any of the 19 alleged hijackers ever boarded any of the four jetliners allegedly used in the attacks. And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the supposed 9/11 “mastermind,” was brutally tortured into confessing to 9/11 as well as many other crimes he cannot possibly have committed.

But the so-called anti-hate groups don’t care about evidence. All they care about is protecting Zionism.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is even worse than the SPLC. The ADL has repeatedly slandered me as an “anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theorist.” They have never presented any evidence of any alleged anti-Semitism. For the ADL, anyone who mentions the evidence implicating Israel in 9/11 is automatically labeled “anti-Semitic.”

If the Zionists are looking for hatred, they should just look in the mirror. Examples of Zionist hatred are legion.

At Claremont College of California, Professor Yaron Raviv recently called Palestinian students “cockroaches.” The term “cockroach” is commonly used by perpetrators of genocide against their victims; it means that the victimized groups are vermin to be exterminated. Yet the Claremont College administration refused to fire or discipline Professor Raviv.

Raviv isn’t the only Israeli filled with genocidal hatred. Almost all Zionist Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead in 2009. In the middle of Operation Cast Lead, the newspaper Ha’aretz reported: “Despite pictures from Gaza depicting massive destruction and a large number of wounded and killed, including women and children, 82 percent of the public believe that Israel has not ‘gone too far’ with the military force it is exercising against Hamas. This means that almost all Israel’s Jewish citizens warmly support the operation, its goals, firepower, and management.”

In other words, virtually all Zionist Israelis supported the stunningly brutal mass extermination of Palestinian women and children, the intentional targeting of schools and mosques and UN buildings, and the use of white phosphorous and worse against defenseless civilians. It seems that nearly the whole Zionist population of Israel is genocidal; they view their victims as “cockroaches” - just as Professor Raviv views his Palestinian students.

A recent example shows just how extreme Zionist hatred can be. After a tragedy in which 17 Palestinian pilgrims were killed in a bus crash, Israeli Facebook commenters rejoiced.

"I couldn’t ask for a better morning than this. Shame there isn’t another zero at the end [of the number of victims]" wrote Facebook user Kobi Yaacov Saroussi.

"Great! Let’s hope everyone on the bus was an Arab!" said Eitan Wolfer Eifergan.

“I’ve never tolerated Arabs…we should kill them all” wrote Kobi Noga.

Israeli soldier Shenhav Sharbit wrote: “May all Arabs die. I am a proud racist.”

Shenhav Sharbit is a member of Israel’s Golani Brigade - like another soldier named Mor Ostrovski, who recently posted on Instagram a photo of a Palestinian child’s head in the crosshairs of his rifle.

Unfortunately, Sharbit’s photo is not just a fantasy. The Israeli military routinely murders Palestinian children with sniper fire as the children play on sidewalks and schoolyards. Chris Hedges, one of America’s most respected journalists, wrote in Harper’s magazine (October 2001) that he had been in several war zones, but he had never seen soldiers luring children within range of their guns, then murdering them for sport, until he saw Israeli soldiers doing it in the Occupied Territories.

What Hedges witnessed was not anomalous, but part of a larger Israeli policy of slaughtering children. An article in the British Medical Journal (10/16/04) concluded: “Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest-the sniper’s wound. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorized to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat.”

Shooting children for sport as national policy. Now THAT is hatred.

Many Zionists are so filled with hatred that they say - and write - unbelievably stupid things. Last year Andrew Adler, the Zionist editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times newspaper, actually published an editorial calling on the State of Israel to assassinate President Obama. Why? Because Obama was refusing Netanyahu’s orders to attack Iran for Israel.

That’s not just hatred. That’s out-of-control, over-the-top hatred. The loathing Zionists feel for Israel’s perceived enemies is truly mind-boggling.

Remember, this isn’t about just a few extremists. It’s about Zionism as a whole. As we saw, 82% of Israelis - virtually Israel’s entire Zionist population - supported Operation Cast Lead’s genocide against the Palestinians. Andrew Adler, Shenhav Sharbit, and all the rest of the haters are just like most other Zionists. The only difference is that they say what the others are thinking - and they got caught.

If the Zionists at the ADL and the SPLC really want to stop hatred, they should work to end Zionism.

In reality, the worst hate group on earth is Zionism itself.