So the trailer for the new SpongeBob movie and the Season 2 premier of Gravity Falls have been circulating my dash… and then I realized something- well- some things. And I drew those somethings. 
I am sure plenty of other people have come to the conclusion of as well. But here’s some absurdity anyway!
Was gonna draw more of these, but I lost steam- so perhaps later!

April 5th. Amenities Didn’t Mention A Swimming Pool

This Friday we had the biggest storm I’ve seen since moving here. And my balcony drains didn’t handle it well. Apparently the dry season had clogged them with leaves, amongst other things, and it couldn’t handle the multiple hour downpour. It also didn’t help that my upstairs neighbors balcony drains on to my own, so it had double the water to contend with. It wasn’t long before the water started to spill through the cracks on my balcony door, crawl across my kitchen floor, through the hall, into my bedroom, and eventually cause a 3 story waterfall down the apartment complex stairwell. Before it was over, every inch of my floor was covered a massive puddle about an inch deep. Luckily I was able to quickly pick everything valuable and electronic up off the floor before it was consumed.