you know how at school when kids talk about their weird uncles. and then when all the kids look at little horan  he’ll be like idk man my uncle is niall horan

today I told my mom that ive never had my first kiss. and she went “WHAT!! i had my first kiss when i was in 6th grade … with an 8th grader” and i went


          This handsome young man here is Jackson Powell. He was tragically taken from us on June 9th 2013 at the age of 20, when a car hit him while he was on his motorcycle. He was one of the most fearless people I know or will ever know. He had a heart of gold, looks that could stop a train, and a billion-dollar smile. He left his baby son Owen, who hopefully will aquire some of the looks and the attitude his amazing father had. His time here was short but a massive blessing to all. We all are keeping you alive. Everyone will miss you darling x.

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no but seriously what if you were dating niall. and you went on tour with him. and you were sleeping in his bed and you hear harry and louis fucking. and its the middle of the night. and niall is right next to you. idk about you but i would


the thing that kills me is that the pictures of the boys we are reblogging right now, will one day become fetus picture bc they get better looking day after day and it gives me physical chest pains