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Hi, I am doing a detailed research on one of of Formula One’s legend; François Cevert for publishing purposes. I tried to get his ‘A Contract With Death’ biography from Amazon but was surprised at the price that I find to be extremely outrageous. I find it to be so extremely sad that the only biography that is left behind to tell his story is being sold at such a price, it’s a wonder why many of the new generation does not know him that well. How do you expect for the rest of the Formula One fans to know him more than the obvious stories that we have come to know. 

It took me 6 months to gather materials and i have found some really disturbing facts about some things that does not make sense, which i would love to put forward so it can be clearly seen and judged by the masses. He was by far the most standout offering on the Formula One tracks by the early 70s, the next Tyrell’s golden boy in the making, France only hope to bring back its maiden Formula One victory but sadly the prince crashed heavily at Watkins Glen and died a horrible death. If there’s anyone with any information and details on Cevert’s life that can be shared with me would be highly appreciated and credits would be given where its due should the material be used. 

Here’s what I found to be interesting and highly disturbing. There’s a clip that clearly shows Cevert asking JYS about the Essex at Watkins Glen, the place where he crashed and died. That clip apparently was from the 1973 qualifying, which i believe isn’t true. I can’t believe that he would be asking Stewart how to play off that corner when he had won his maiden race at Watkins Glen. Why would he be asking Stewart which gear to use when he had been racing on that circuit before without any problems? 

That was a day before the race, hmm.. what happened on the previous day? Why ask on the second day and not the first? That place is cursed and if he had encountered difficulties then why are there no stories at all? A bump on the curb could have forced him to crash on the first day itself but there he is in that clip asking for advise when i feel it doesn’t gel up. 

And here’s another thing that i found and i am sorry that i don’t seem to understand the whole satire;

Ken Tyrell: He was tall dark and handsome, maybe that’s what attracted him to my wife and not to me 


errr? That’s not something you would say in an interview would you now? Cevert was attracted to his wife? And the F1 movie suggested JYS’s wife had an affair with him before she vetoed on the scene stating that he was like a son? And his death was driver’s error? Joe had a lot of nice things to say about Cevert but it’s also a burden to find all the previous archives since everyone has a blog and everyone seems to be telling the same old stories and no one bothered to find out the mysteries about the 1973 crash at Watkins Glen. 

I do know about the clairvoyant stuff

the so called affair with bardot

Just if there’s more, anything, anything at all, do help me please. It’s sad that this tragic hero did not get the much deserved respect, he died because of an error - taking the end of the blame. He was a flamboyant racer, one of Senna’s idols and at the peak of his power and would have won more victories if he wasn’t so gentleman and allowed JYS to always take the lead. 

I would highly appreciate any info given to me and rest assured, we are preserving a legacy of a man who was once destined to become France’s first formula one champion until he faced his tragic end.