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I thought of alexis yelling at sam when sam brought up how she was “pushing” Olivia. The only difference is that sam wasn’t yelling at olivia like alexis was, sam suffered from her placenta detaching too soon. It actually angers me that olivia is faking her own childs death. Seeing how sam grieved and others grieved after the loss of a child. Sam felt guilt for something she didn’t even do. And in 2004 alexis didn’t seem to care about sam’s loss. She was more concerned with getting the stem cells and rubbing it in sam’s face.

As for the “ja- - - somebody” thing. I am baffled. Patrick had just mentioned jason. Giving an opening for sam to talk about his death. But she mentioned her daughter. (I also wonder how much of that time does patrick know? He didn’t arrive until a year after it happened)

If this was just a flub on kemo’s part, then why not just go back and shoot that small scene again? Or if it was actually writen as such, why? Because the writers had to know that sam starting to say what sounds like jason, then pausing, and saying somebody, would make a statement. Considering that just the ep before patrick judged jason and how sam lived like he did. The statement says that sam feels uncomfortable to be honest about her feelings and past with patrick. That she fears his reaction, assuming that it will anger him and push her away. And THAT is jusy terrible. Sam doesn’t deserve that. She had just shared with jason doe how jason changed her life. Showed her another way to live. If patrick starts this with sam, making her feel small and unable to share her honest feelings, then it’s the start of a unhealthy relationship. One that I see sam enjoying time with jason doe because she will be free to talk about jason.


Nothing is ever as good as it seems
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My sister has cancer. its incurable.

so about a week ago, my sister went into the doctor for stomach paints. At first they ruled it at Ovarian cists and then the next day they realized it was cancer. But all was still well because they said all they had to do was remove her uterus and everything should be fine. But then the doctor told her he wanted to do kemo instead of removing so she got a new doctor to tell a second oppinion. Well that doctor did a second look and it seams like the cancer is not just in her uterus. It’s in her entire lower area of her abdomen and is not anything currable.

She isnt my real sister, she is my brothers wife but she has been in my life since I was ten. I am 23 years old now and she is more of a sister to me than my real sister who left and shunned the family when i was 9.

They are going to do kemo, but thats just to….hold it off till later…

I have never had a death close to me? We dont know if she is going to die or how long she has, but i have never had to deal with death this close, only secondhand.

And i have this really bad problem with confronting certain things. Like, people who are in pain or have problems i tend to avoid them so i dont have to deal with it. I havent texted my sister yet or said anything to my brother (her husband) and I just dont really want to because i dont want to cry and i dont want to be surrounded by sad people.

I really really hate being in a room with crying people and i dont know if it is soemthing wrong with me and im just so upset right now. I normally cry by myself. i HATE crying in front of people even if its NORMAL in certain times to cry infront of them. such as sickess or death.

im currently down at my boyfriends house and my mom and grandma are coming to get me and i dont know how i am going to servive a 4 hour drive with them crying and talking about her possably dieing and i dont know how i am going to handle that.

i can barely keep ahold of myself when i am by myself crying. I hate i hate i hate crying infront of people.

i dont know how to comfort people when somthing like this happens. Its so hard for me because i cry at everything sad and i just feed off everyones sadness and i cant comfort people without crying.

i try to avoid situations that are going to make me cry. Hell even getting an extreme emotion of any kind (happyness, sad, mad) makes me cry i just fucking hate it.

I hate this situation so bad. I am super super upset and super angry about all of this but i am going to have to deal with my friends and family thinking im “heartless” because im not talking about it. that im not voicing how i feel about the situation.

I dont want to cry and i dont want to loose the only person who has been concidered my sister and i am so sorry for my brother because he is already stressed and deserves so much more happyness than this.

sorry about all the spelling errors. i dont feel like correcting them right now


I’ve really grown to like Chicago Footwork. A lot. Shout to Kemo. #Repost @lastkingkemo
ill make it go up on uh #tuesday
man i love what i do & luv teaching it!! #CamefromNothing #KingKemo
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andshesthemuse replied to your post: my favorite thing about kemo haters is…

there’s one lil pocket contingency of bitter hags that hate on her about it and I lol. Like, sorry she looks amaze, has a kick ass body and you suck.

Like sorry her body is amaze and she made a bunch of money off it in the 90′s and can still work it on live TV at almost 39 years old suck to be you because I just want her life secrets.



strut your stuff kel be a kickass confident woman who ain’t ashamed of your body we got u we got u