13.24.1 HAPPY YOUNGJAE DAY! | 94.24.1

Ahhh! My Squishy Bunny is a year older! aiskhfsaj! haha! ^^  I don’t really know what to say. >.<  I’m not really good with messages so I’ll just say this…continue to be your cute and squishy self and be true to yourself. You’re P E R F E C T just the way you are, Brainboxes and Babyz got your back if anyone thinks other wise!

Happy Birthday Yoo Youngjae and may your day be filled with happiness.


14.01.24 - it'sYjayDay! | 94.01.24

You have grown & changed so much this past year! My Squishy Bunny is no longer squishy… are you trying to kill us Babyz, Yoo Youngjae?! haha.  I still suck at writing birthday messages >.< so, I am going to keep it short once again. Try not to get hurt, stay healthy, and keep warm during up coming promotions. Also, continue to be the Youngjae that we know and love! I hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday Youngjae! 


 I can’t believe it has already been a year since you guys debuted. You have all come a long way and worked so hard giving us 6 comebacks!. Now you will be holding your very own solo concert in February. That is unheard of for a rookie group to do in just one year.

You are truly Best.Absolute.Perfect.