I've discovered Kemeticism

But I don’t understand how you guys can say stuff like “this god gave me hugs” or you quote them in the unsophisticated speech of a teenage girl. 

That strikes me as so disrespectful and I’m pretty sure they deserve better than that.

Pyramid Texts from the Pyramid of Unas

Portions of the text commonly called the Egyptian Book of the Dead, but more correctly translated as the Book of Coming into the Light.

"The house of heaven is the house of man. No walls stand between heaven and earth. You are no farther from me than from your own hot breath.” At any moment you enter heaven by saying, “I am a temple of Ra."

- Normandi Ellis-Awakening Osiris: A New Translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead

All Souls Procession: A Call For Petitions

As many of you know, each fall I participate in the All Souls Procession. This is a local event that is about mourning, honoring the dead, and community. The event features a mile long walk/procession that culminates in the burning of a bunch of petitions in a gigantic urn:


(image pulled from the All Souls website, please do not steal)

As part of my work for Osiris, I like to extend the offer out to anyone and everyone to submit a petition to be carried during the procession and then place into the urn to burn. People write all sorts of these in these petitions:

  • Things you wish to release from your life
  • Things you are embracing
  • Things you are remembering

You name it (they don’t approach this entirely as an execration).

If you would like to participate in this rite, please send me any petitions you’d like to have placed in the urn on November 9, 2014.

I will be accepting petitions until noon, PST November 8, 2014

As stated above, you can place whatever you like on these petitions (feel free to check out the All Souls website for more ideas on how others do this, you can submit a petition there, if you’d like), and no you do not need to be of any particular religious persuasion to participate. Just make sure I get them by the date listed above.

You can submit your petitions to me here via Tumblr, through FB (for those of you who have it) or directly to devoTTR[at]gmail[dot]com

This event is run purely off of charity, so if you are inclined, please donate to the organization that makes this possible.

If you have any questions, lemme know.


Just got this in the mail today.

These are two books by Kerry Wisner; as far as I know, R.Reidy’s predecessor. I got them from Lulu.com (Lulu regularly does 25% discounts on all printed books).

Let’s see what I can learn from these books :)

As I noticed from the first glance, many of the rituals are focused on Hathor, and because I’m not quite devoted to Hathor (unlike one of my friends), if I would intend to use some of these rituals, I will have them to get modified. I don’t want my practice to be totally Hathor centered… so I will probably use these books for guidance and inspiration, but not to follow them blindly.

More feedback to come when I’d finish reading them :)

* there’s a huge pile of books coming from Amazon soon :)

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I have been on a new path for a little over a year now. I’ve taken steps forward and steps backwards, but I am committed to becoming ME! A mentally and physically healthier ME! A more spiritual ME! I will continue to seek wisdom on my path and no matter what obstacles I face I will continue to push forward. I welcome new people in my life that are transitioning or have transitioned. I am attracting powerful, positive & healthy people into my life. #refocused #yoga #inspiration #highvibrations #journeytoenligtment #loveandlight #behappy #namaste #newbeginnings #miracles #manifestjournaling

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May I stand in the midst of celestial fire until my heart is molten gold. May twelve goddesses dance every day about me, a circle of flesh aflame. May I spin among them, my face flushed with heat. May I walk on earth radiant, everywhere complete. May the omniscient eye observe my deeds and know the law my heart knows, the zodiac of men and beasts alive, the call of angels, the word. May my body bend toward the will of the heart. May I not think and act diversely. May truth rest on me light as a tail feather dropped from a falcon in cloudless sky.

Normandi Ellis. Awakening Osiris: A New Translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The more correct translation would be The Book of Coming into the Light

anonymous said:

What's the significance of the sunrise in Kemeticism?

Sunrise is a liminal time (as is sunset). It’s when the sun is born every morning from Nut, and its considered a form of zep tepi- fresh beginnings, etc.

So new beginnings, rebirth and renewal… which is pretty common for most Egyptian symbols XDD



I got hired at my local McDonald’s after moving out of my parent’s house and chatting with him onesidedly after setting his shirne jin my and my boyfirend’s shared bedroom. But I still don’t hear him as well as other people can hear their deities. I guess promising him a throne of dice when I find somewhere that makes wepwawet statues worked. XD

By the way does anyone know where I can find or who makes such shrine statues?

"Direct evidence of Egyptian knowledge and use of the 3,4,5 "Pythagorean" triangle is rare, but this relief from the tomb of Ramses VI is an instance of it."

John Anthony West-Serpent in the Sky

I put the word Pythagorean in quotations for the obvious reason that Ramses VI lived long before Pythagoras was born.

DIY Godphone. (aka, my own personal Ear Stela!)

Because after this post, I began to realize what a brilliant idea it was. I gave it full battery, infinity G and excellent signal strength, because this little guy is going to help me get through when I can’t with my normal methods. 

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The Sphinx Mystery; The Forgotten Origins of the Sanctuary of Anubis

The head of the Sphinx is out of proportion with the rest of its body: it is too small. Somewhat imprudent, Temple bypasses the possibility that this might have been because of some visual effect, to be created from a certain perspective, a possibility that should remain open, though it is unlikely.
Temple observes that the body of the Sphinx is not feline, as lions are known for a back that is curved and possessing a mane that is absent on the Sphinx; in short, the body of the Sphinx suggests a dog, whereby a visual rendering of an Anubis head on top of this body makes it clear that the Sphinx in origin could indeed have been a giant statue of Anubis.
Furthermore, when looking at any Anubis statue, it is clear that with the upright ears and the other features of the head, it would have taken little to cause damage to such a monument. Though Temple claims that natural erosion was the likely cause as to why, in the Middle Kingdom, the statue was re-carved as a sphinx – an animal body with a human head – Temple actually seems to bypass a historical account which he himself has underlined in his book: Tuthmoses IV argued that following the dream he had, he equally destroyed the Sphinx/statue, so that no-one else would have similar visions: “A little while after his coronation he returned to the place where the head was, which he decapitated with an axe, saying: ‘It’s all very well that you have given me counsel so that I can secure Egypt; but from today on, you will not give any more counsel to anyone.’”


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so we have a dick and balls day! now we need to make a boob day, a vulva/clit day, and a vagina day :D

I worship Nut and Aset and Isis, and all 3 of Them could…pretty much be possibilities as targets for all 3: boob/vagina/vulva celebration. Aset and Isis could even be granted some sort of ~period day~ because of the tyet. I mean, it IS pretty badass of menstruators to just spew out blood for several days straight. Plus the whole death/rebirth thing that the shedding of uterine lining involves.

I also heard that Hathor was known as “Lady of the Vulva”? Presumably that would also involve the clitoris? We can’t forget the clitoris, the source of vulvar pleasure~*~*~   


tagging thetwistedrope bc u seem to like genital days

artsy-witch bc “period day” mention