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Questions for me~

1)If you could live anywhere, but you had to live there for the rest of your life, where would you live? anywhere in ‘murica. 

2) Colour of your bedroom walls? white, but they’re covered in posters/pictures/drawings/tickets/etc.

3)When was the last time you used a VHS/ video tape? i can’t actually remember.

4)If you could live in any fictional universe which would it be? the wizarding world of harry potter. 

5) If you could change your name what would you change it to? Why? i think about this a lot, seeing as i really want to change my name, but i can’t decide yet. i really like Robin, but it sounds kinda lame with my second name .n. i really like the name Robin bcus it’s gender neutral & not too common~

6) What embarrassing bands did you like when you were younger? not many? i was really into lots of classic rock, which, at the time, wasn’t very cool. but now it is, so idk

7)What was the last book/film/TV show/media type thing that made you cry? Or do you just not cry at stuff? i always cry when i read potter, and sometimes when i watch the films. or pretty much anything to do with the fandom, really. not much else makes me cry, especially stuff like titanic or marley & me.

8) Giraffes or meerkats? meerkats. i once saw these two-day old pups and they were probably the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.

9)Do you play a musical instrument? If not what do you wish you could play? i play a little bit of guitar, a bit more of ukulele, and a very tiny bit of keyboard :>

10) favourite holiday? i’m guessing this means like, easter/halloween/christmas? if so it’s a draw between christmas and halloween. halloween is great because of the costumes and sweets and bad films, but christmas is really happy and lovely.

11) Peanut butter or Nutella? nutella!! i like the smellof peanut butter, but not the taste for some reason.

Questions for other people~

1) swaggie or swaggy?

2) how much gays have you?

3) do you like the animeys? if so which animeys are you like?

4) what about the homosteak? you like the homosteak?

5) if i have 3 potatoes in one hand and a meme in the other, why did my father leave me?

6) who even is steve carlsberg??

7) beef

8) imagine if you raised your eyebrows one day and they just fell on the floor and scuttled away making quiet beeping noises


10) reblog my selfies

11) please

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