Fire!Glasses!Hans for PHP

Ten minutes ago, Anna was pestering him while he double-checked her paperwork (at her request). Then she had mentioned that she liked his glasses, and he had, looking up, replied that he needed them to read. Her cheeks flushed red and she squirmed as he looked up at her with his ridiculous auburn lashes and olive eyes, slightly magnified by the lenses.

Everything clicked when he saw her face. A smirk graced his lips and the gold flecks in his eyes burned brightly in the candlelight that had suddenly gotten a bit brighter thanks to his power over fire. As she saw his smirk her cheeks got darker and she outright moaned. He got up in one swift movement and tackled her to the floor, leaving her breathless. She had already dressed for bed, so it was easy to remove her clothing.

She moaned and bit her lip as Hans’ still-gloved fingers stroked across her breasts. One hand traveled down to her gathering wetness. He began stroking her clit and she gasped and moaned under his steady attentions.

Then he decided to turn up the heat.

She moaned louder and squirmed when the room got warmer, she loved it when he did this. She was covered in sweat, and she was dripping her arousal all over the carpet. He was holding her just over the edge with one hand as he palmed himself through his trousers with the other. He groaned, his face flushed and decided he could wait no longer. He almost tore open the front of his trousers trying to unbutton them. He slid his aching cock into her dripping wetness.

"Anna…" he breathed. He started moving within her, and she threw her head back, screaming his name to the ceiling as she came, hard. He slammed into her one last time, emptying himself in her heat.

They collapsed together, breathing hard. Hans lay his head on her chest, and she stroked his hair softly, while his arms wrapped around her.

I just really want Sam and Cas to be talking and for Sam to mention Jess and then he realizes what he said and goes quiet, so Cas gently asks him who Jess is and Sam tells him that Jessica Moore is the girl he was going to marry. Then Cas will get this faraway look in his eye and say “Jess Moore… she has a very nice heaven Sam. It’s full of memories with you.”