*On Site* MF Gallery Show & Live Paint feat. @LamourSupreme , ScarecrowOven & Twerps!


Last night, February 16th, I found myself at the MF Gallery in Brooklyn to check out their opening showcasing artists @LamourSupreme , Twerps, ScarecrowOven, Death Head and Frank Russo.
This was my first time to venture to the space which looks great from the street below. Live paining of ‘Space Friends’ was happening upon entering by none other than @LamourSupreme , partner in crime Greg, creator of Twerps and Mishka and another talented chap, Death Head. Those in the neighborhood should swing by and scope the goods.

Images [Kelly Salih] http://dlvr.it/2yZCzW

*ON SITE* Olek & Parra opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery


Many bodies politely crowded into the Jonathan Levine Gallery on opening night to catch a glimpse at two very different shows. The lovely Olek presented us with an on-site installation, ‘The End is Far’ accompanied by live performance throughout the space. Whilst a Dutchman who’s characters and apparel have me hooked, Parra, held our attention with, ‘Tracy had a Hard Sunday’. Head over to the gallery now through March 23 to see the amazing work for yourselves.

Images [Kelly Salih] http://dlvr.it/30dMcc

*On Site* Les Ballet Des Faile


On the evening of February 1st, I could be found at a fancy event happening in the Lincoln Center. This was my first time at the ballet and I wasn’t disappointed. I was stoked to see the massive tower Faile had created for ‘Les Ballets des Faile’. I had been lurking their photos for weeks before I got up close and personal. It’s amazing. Artworks accompanied the tower throughout the space and all in attendance to the show walked away with a mini block of Faile. My piece is sitting happily on my shelf at home. They did a great job on this project and I look forward to seeing what’s next.

Images [Kelly Salih] http://dlvr.it/2vD8Yc

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012... photo recap!


It’s hard to believe that a week has passed since the whirlwind of Art Basel in Miami. Parties, pop-ups, parking issues, can’t contain my excitement and now my phone is dead issues, art fairs, getting lost at said art fairs and losing all sense of time stalking Wynwood to scope walls and drink Panther Coffee. What happened in Miami, stays in Miami. Hit the jump for a full photo slide show of my experience there.

[Images: Kelly Salih]

PHOTO RECAP: Fountain Art Fair with Mighty Tanaka, Robots Will Kill, Stikki Peaches and many more.


Last Friday night, 68 Lexington was buzzing at the opening reception of Fountain Art Fair. Photographers, DJ’s, a few naked ladies and a lot of good vibes. Rad prints were taking up space at Canadian Station16 Shop including Stikki Peaches, and a guy from my London street stalking years, AC.E. En Masse held the attention of many with their collaborative efforts throughout the night. Up high, the rafters of the armory housed an installation curated by Mighty Tanaka and Robots Will Kill. Good times. Above is my point of view.

Images [Kelly Salih] http://dlvr.it/35Qs7m

Support 'TILT Warning Customs' in their Pinball Mission via Kickstarter

NEW POST: Another push for a project we posted about HERE a litle while back… Tilt Warning Customs have a really amazing project they want to make happen and need your help. This is super cool and an opportunity to get nostalgic. Their vision is to create a pinball arcade art installation starting with five restored vintage 1970s pinball machines. Time to name drop the artists involved. These guys; @frankkozik, Coop, @alexpardee, Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores. Rad!!
The goal is to open the installation at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco, CA, USA in late Summer/early Fall of 2014, and then hit the road, taking the show to various spaces both in the US and internationally. Another option may be to scout a larger venue in SF to continue to build the project there. There is just over a week to donate via Kickstarter. Above is a word from Mr. Kozik, Be generous. Pretty please. http://dlvr.it/32P5L5

Photo Recap: @buffmonster x @LamourSupreme 's 'Number of the Beast'


There was a mass turn out for the opening of ‘Number of the Beast’ at Cotton Candy Machine on April 12th. Boys and girls wanted to scope the combined efforts of @buffmonster and @LamourSupreme . They weren’t disappointed. Those who weren’t present the night it all kicked off, there is still time to see this two man show! Head over to Brooklyn now through May 5th. Post eye candy, get hooked up with some goodies including a pack of the Metal Misfits!

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY

[Images: Kelly Salih] http://dlvr.it/3HmC4y
Weekend Finds... Pick-a-Mix!


Pick-a-Mix is back this weekend. Here is some items we want, need, love.

* Dave the Chimp FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD. A1 screen print (84 cms x 59 cms) black ink infused with silver glitter!!! Hand printed by Mr Chimp and Louise Drubigny from artwork painted by hand - no computers involved! Edition of 30.  More info here  —  180 euros.
* Like this fun fella Malarky. Stickers, I’ll take these! —  £4.50
* East coast hasn’t seen much sunshine but I’d like to find a roof top with this guy when there is! Inflatable Alligator  —  _$24_
* I heart Tippy. Make friends with Tippy here  —  $39.99 http://dlvr.it/37gWL9

*Video Hotness* - Nychos Talks RabbitEye Movement, Street Art & More!!!

NEW POST: I’m a big fan of this chap’s work, his collaborations with various artists and members of The Weird crew. Today’s video hotness is an interview with Nychos in his studio space which also houses the RabbitEye Movement Gallery. East coast dwellers get ready, we got word that Mighty Tanaka will be hosting his show this summer. More info on that soon. http://dlvr.it/35tcjZ

Steve Harrington x Case Studyo - 'Remain in Balance' totem lamps!


We are always excited to see the work that comes out of Case Studyo and this piece is no exception. Steve Harrington has collaborated with the company again on his first wooden piece. He has designed three totem lamps based on his ‘Remain in Balance’ series. Not only are these hand carved and hand painted, the work is housed in a hand screen-printed box. Each lamp is a limited edition of 12. Available now.

Images [Case Studyo] http://dlvr.it/34zd6h

RECAP: Scope Art Show - Armory Arts Week NYC


DuringArmory Arts week, NYC hosted a variety of outlets for art nerds, collectors, cool kids and curious. Scope New York was present in a new locale, Moynihan Station with support from fun sponsors like Rizzoli and Creem hotel. Scope housed quite the entrance, stacked high was Al Hamm’s mammoth crate installation, one of which, contained ‘Contact Walt Whitman’, an interactive piece by David Rohn. If you could find it, a crate marked with eyeballs and a peep hole to spy on the man in the box. Mic included just in case you fancied a chat.

Another distraction prior to the fair, was a sparkling horse, Andrea Stanislav’s, ‘The Vanishing Points’. Once inside, I was happy that the show had lots of great work throughout and didn’t feel overwhelming. I particularly enjoyed the efforts put forth by Think Space Gallery, Krause Gallery and Fifty24MX. Some of my favorite pieces within the show were a nice surprise contributed by Sheryo and The Yok who I am used to finding in Brooklyn streets. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

[Images: Kelly Salih] http://dlvr.it/34dqnZ

*Video Hotness* ROA x The Sk8room Skatedecks


We are happy to share this collaboration between ROA and the Sk8room. The video documents the origin of this project, which stemmed from ROA spending time out in Cambodia painting and hanging out with kids from Skateistan. There are three decks available (Decay 1, 2 & 3) Each one is a limited edition of 125, hand numbered and signed in the deck boards. Available now (20% of the sale price is donated to Skateistan to help them promote their cause). Shipping is free worldwide. http://dlvr.it/34RGjJ
*Video Hotness* Ben Eine Paints Ebor St, London


I used to bump into Ben Eine pieces all over East London when I was there. I looked forward to finding shutters with his signature style and I have seen the other side of this street featuring ‘Anti, Anti, Anti’. Some snaps of his latest London contribution that appears opposite that piece are up via his diary. This is a nice little video interviewing the fella.

Source [Hooked Blog] http://dlvr.it/2zQf2G

Hey Texas! Art Slam 7 is Heading Your Way!


San Antonio will be hosting the 7th rendition of Art Slam and three of my favorites will be there to partake in all the fun. @LamourSupreme , Nychos and @buffmonster are combining their super powers to take on Texas. I can only imagine what is about to go down judging by the Bestreet weekend when Mr. Supreme and Buff took their bromance to Paris. Jelly!

It’s all happening this upcoming weekend, January 26th. More information here. Today is the last day to get your hands on pre-sale tickets. Peep this write up here. http://dlvr.it/2rP8tl
VIDEO HOTNESS - The Yok x Sheryo tackle a wall with 'Fish n Chips'!!!

NEW POST: I have been nerding out over Sheryo and The Yok since moving to Brooklyn. Both live in the neighborhood and have been leaving works in the street here and internationally. The video is entitled ‘Fish n Chips’, paying homage to the little town they are painting at in Western Australia, Fremantle.

Source: [The Yok] http://dlvr.it/38D7wv

VIDEO HOTNESS - @buffmonster Timelapse


Heavy metal, a man who’s not afraid of pink and lots of ice cream, sounds like @buffmonster to me. This time-lapse documents him painting melty goodness from start to finish. Some footage from this shoot was also featured in Kovas Ice Cream Video. If you liked all of that, Buff will be releasing a print of this piece. THIS WEEK. Be ready!

Source [@buffmonster] http://dlvr.it/37qMP4