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((‘anon’ wow

  • Name: Lamb 
  • Gender: MAN
  • General Appearance: hot  Keiz’s hair but more silvery or something, and keiz’s eyes i guess. average heighted because mollie’s shortish and keiz is tall
  • Personality: omg uh like idk they’d be that kid who appears really nice, and is really nice i guess but is pretty quick to get pissed off and kick you in the balls and run off laughing. that kind of kid. 
  • Special Talents: destroying stuff. or the arts.
  • Who they like better: mollie because she wouldn’t be able to say no to her kid at all and would probably end up attemting to give piggybacks to him when he’s nearly as tall as her because she’s a pushover, but they’d probably like hanging out with keiz a lot too but if they want something they’ve got a better chance with mollie i’d say
  • Who they take after more: keiz probably???
  • Personal Head canon: he’s hot  he doesn’t exist because they’re not getting together  uhhh he would like his 'uncle’ george because he’d teach them cool monkey things????))