I’ve always wanted to go back to dancing.  Its something that I’m passionate about.  When I was younger, I always felt that I can be a different person when I am dancing. 

I saw a deal on CashCash for dancing lessons in Arts in the City.  I did grab the opportunity and paid for two classes.  I only got two since I know how busy I am at work.  Since I don’t have ballet background and ballet shoes, it might be difficult if i choose Jazz(even if i want to learn that badly).  I decided to get Zumba.

Since I don’t work out and don’t have really a dancing or sporty outfit, I have to make do of what i have.  Luckily, I still have my Nike fitted tank and then jogging pants from Sassa.  I also used my Gola shoes since I feel my other shoes are not made for dancing.


I super love the sexy back of this tank.

My uber supported boyfriend accompanied me there

I enrolled myself to these lesson since I have not danced for quite sometime.  I need to work on my timing and footwork.  My boyfriend took photos of me. 

It was fun to dance again.  Although, I must say that the moves are basic and easy to learn.  Probably good for beginners.  Next time I’ll try Hip Hop.  I guess I’m not a fan of Zumba. hihi

Adobo Connection

We can’t deny that Adobo is the most famous Filipino dish.  But being creative as we are Filipinos, if we have 7,107 islands we also have 7,107 Adobo recipes.  All created to match the distinct taste of every Filipino. 

The day I dropped by SM Centerpoint during one of their Super Sale, I saw a newly opened restaurant Adobo Connection.  Although Adobo is not exactly my favorite but I do enjoy finding out what each restaurant has to offer.  Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if you can taste a dish from those 7,107 islands without exactly travelling to those islands(Although travelling to those islands sound exciting to me :) ). 

They have a lot of versions of Adobo from their menu.  Although, each version of Adobo has description from their menu, it was still difficult to choose.  I was contemplating if I’ll get the Modern Adobo or Kuya’s adobo.  I decided to order Kuya’s Adobo.

I chose Kuya’s Adobo because it is spicy and has garlic. I was happy with my choice.  I super love the roasted garlic taste.  It did compliment the Adobo.  It also has a mild spicy taste that doesn’t overpower the dish.  My boyfriend also tried this dish.  And he loved it too.  It is only P99.00 and it comes with a drink.

My boyfriend got himself Mama’s Adobo.  If you’re less adventurous and would just want the regular Adobo, Mama’s Adobo would be the best choice.  I love that it made me feel like its like the Adobo made by my mom.  It feels like home when you get to taste this dish.  It also costs P99.00 with Ice Tea.

The restaurant is clean and spacious. 

Time to eat! :)

Kikay Kit

Been blogging about my Lippies lately.  I would like to share the other items on my Kikay kit. :)

Here is my Kikay Kit.  I got this free from (obviously) Majolica Majorca.  I like that it is sparkling with glitters and its inside is pink.


I’m a fan of Herbench Lip and Cheek Tint.  I’ve been using this since college.  It is affordable and at the same time it’s stays longer, considering I have an oily skin.  

My powder foundation.  It does it job covering blemishes and pores without looking like you have a pile of powder on.  If you are lazy to wash your make up off, its gentle enough to not give me pimple.  However, it doesn’t stay long.  I like Revlon Photoready line better.

I love how black this liner is.  I just was quite disappointed that it doesn’t stay in place. I don’t recommend this if you have oily skin.  I have a friend who is using this and has a normal skin and it does not have the same effect as mine.  Hers looks better.

Maybelline has the best and most affordable mascaras

My Eyebrow liner. 

My concealer.  It does stay longer. I just didn’t like than sometimes it looks cakey.

So far these are the items in my make up kit.  I bought two more lippies.  Would show that next time.

Good night for now!

Note: Currently the pictures aren’t mine.  I accidentally deleted the pictures.

I was craving for pizza and pasta that day.  I was thinking, Jay and I haven’t tried eating at Amici.  Although we did try Gelato (during our first date…ayihii) but we haven’t tried their food.  So we decided to go at Amici Ayala Triangle despite the rain.  Again we braved the rain from BGC to Ayala.  That is how crazy we were. hehehe

Just a brief background, Amici started at the canteen of Don Bosco  by Salesian Italian missionary Fr. Gianluigi Colombo.  Amici di Don Bosco was established in 2001.   Now it serves  you the authentic Italian food for us to enjoy.