10 favorite anime omg yoooo

aha, a good friend on fb tagged me to do this, but i’d rather do it here where none of my relatives will see my extreme nerdiness of easily conjuring up a list of my 10 favorite anime instead of like, iunno, ten favorite elements on the periodic table. Xenon would be on the top, though, if I did. 

So! Here are my ten favorite anime in no order whatsoever. 

1.) Psycho Pass

2.) Haikyuu!!

3.) K Project

4.) D.Gray-Man

5.) Sengoku Basara 

6.) Noragami

7.) Bleach

8.) Ao No Exorcist 

9.) Kill La Kill 

10.) Hoozuki no Reitatsu 

Tag tag tag tag: harmonicvisionfreckledtitanbodtysamuraidensmanageryachistaronablackask-fem-philippinasfxkurodani, and whoever else wants to. GO AHEAD YO. Y’all don’t have to do this. uw u I thought this was a great way to EXPRESS HOW MUCH OF A WEEB I AM //////sobbing is that new season of psycho pass out yet 

anonymous said:

it should be illegal to have as many hot muses as you do. i'm calling the cops, damn it.


"Sooo~rry! I made them hot for a reason, y’know. So maybe people would bang them. But. Kehe…"

demonbondage said: waaas womit hab ich das verdient? danke! ♥

Rasluka: kehe ^^ gern geschehen!! Ich liebe deine blogs und dich find ich auch nicht schlecht ! War echt schwierig mich für einen deiner blogs zu entscheiden ! ;)

Kehed! Apa Maning Kiye?

Tiap masuk wilayah Sidareja, banyak sekali anak sekolah yang memakai tas bertuliskan Kehed. Bagi saya yang sebelumnya tidak paham artinya sih tidak ada masalah. Juga di wilayah Jawa Tengah ini tidak begitu menjadi persoalan.

Yang orang Sunda mungkin merasa sudah biasa mendengarnya. Atau sebenarnya merasa tidak nyaman? Kehed itu kalo googling artinya “sialan”. Mungkin identik dengan “dianc*uk” di…

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  1. Dragon Rider - Cornelia Funke 
  2. The Ripper - Stefan Petrucha
  3. The Crucible - Arthur Miller
  4. Tunnel in the Sky - Robert A. Heinlein 
  5. Cirque du Freak - Darren Shan 
  6. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury 
  7. Daughter of the Sword - Steve Bein 
  8. Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro 
  9. Count of Monte Cristo - Alexander Dumas 
  10. The Midnight Palace - Carlos Ruiz Zafon 

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At Golden Monkey

Ngerjain tugas si kehed, anw jgn tong kosong nyaring bunyinya ah tjuy😎😋 – at Golden Monkey with Ikhsan – See on Path.