Mohammed Kanoo’s Portraits Of Celebrities Wearing Arab Clothing

Bahraini artist Mohammed Kanoo is presenting his most recent work in an exhibition at Dubai’s Meem Gallery. Between 15th of May and 5th of July 2012, photos of politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith, Angela Jolie, John Travolta, Barack Obama and Clint Eastwood will be presented to the public. The artist’s second solo exhibition at the Meem Gallery -  Fun with Fen – captures our world seen through the his eyes. Part of the collection “A Question of Identity (2012)” found on PSFK, these digital prints in postcard size portray contemporary as well as historical figures. Political and entertainment celebrities can be seen wearing Arab clothing – each of them taking the thoughts further trough a maze of international diplomacy, hinting towards the necessary social tolerance in a complicated world. The artist’s view point raises questions in many fields, from culture and religion, to politics and popular culture.


The last Kufiyeh factory standing in Palestine

I could hear the distant humming of engines as I walked on the gravel towards the family-run Hirbawi textile factory in Hebron, West Bank

In the steel corrugated factory, I can see that only a few machines are left operating. I am drawn to the back and stand between the machines weaving the iconic black and white and black and red material