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1. Favourite Youtuber(s):

StilaBabe09 and Macbarbie07 as beauty(and stuff) channels. And wingarea, Another VocaloidTV, NicoNicoKyoku and Nebula’s Resolution for vocaloid and stuffies.

2. Name three shows you wouldn’t mind watching three more times:

Arcana Famiglia(aww hell yeah), Kodocha, Black Cat, and a ton more but I just eenie meenie minie mo three of ‘em.

3. Would you want to dye your hair a different color?

Nah, I love my hair color.

4. If you get to choose, how do you decide to die?

Breathing in a certain gas of which I forgot the name of. I heard it’s painless.

5. A celebrity you think you’d be good friends with?

I have no idea. I don’t usually listen/watch anything other than a celeb’s song/film/work/whatever.

6. What’s your favourite color?

I don’t exactly have a favourite color, but if I HAVE to choose, I currently like army green most.

7. Name three hobbies:

Watching anime, reading manga, listening to vocaloid songs.

8. Are you religious?

Nope. I’m a free-thinker(NO, we DO NOT think rubbish), though I do believe in God.

9. 5 Tumblr dorks you talk to:

Tsuruwings, mei-shii, perf3ct-fantasies, musicallovenotes, and errr, I’m one short T^T

10. What’s one thing you want for Christmas?

A surprise. I haven’t gotten one in a really long time.

11. What kind of phone d’you have?

One that’s a really dark shade of blue, and makes me want to smash it into pieces sometimes, ehehe.

My questions are:

1. Outdoors or indoors?

2. Burn alive or drown?

3. Sweet, sour, bitter or salty?

4. The shy type or out-going type? For lead roles.

5. J-pop or vocaloid?

6. White or black? (I mean the COLOURS. No racism intended AT ALL.)

7. Words or pictures?

8. J-pop or K-pop?

9. Anime or manga? YOU MUST CHOOSE.

10. Ghosts or monsters?

11. Shounen or shoujo?


1. keepxquiet

2. tsuruwings

3. doradoras

4. starrifie

5. ai-wish

6. konpeiki

7. mirenai

8. arigatoto

9. icookie

10. tokikake

11. afterstories

I choose you!

for being so awesome, though regrettably I’ve hardly spoken to you. There’s something wrong with my tumblr or something; it won’t let me initiate any asks. THERE IS AN HORRENDOUS BARRIER BETWEEN US. *faints* *comes round again* So, sempai-tachi, please enjoy your day AFTER ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS~ ~ヾ(^∇^)

Yeah, I copy & pasted that from my previous tag thingy, if anyone noticed xD

keepxquiet replied to your post: what

This…is it some kind of parody thing? Or is this legit?

I DON’T KNOW. I’m just staying… as neutral as I can, for now.

keepxquiet asked:

hello, beautiful person ♥ once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass it onto ten of your favourite followers ♥

D’awhhh okay then.

1. Keepxquiet is my favourite person of all time.

2. Fate/Zero is my absolute favorite anime

3. I do have a thing for Supernatural

4. My middle name is George

5. I am a titan ^_^ Oops,wasn’t meant to tell you thaaaaaaat~