I am really devastated by this dreadful news about Smash being cancelled by NBC. They are such fuckers who don’t know how to appreciate a real good show.

I am a Broadway fan, and as that i have to say, a good play mostly has two acts, which leave you complete and full of energy, happy and sad that it ends, but wanting to see it all over again. 

Smash is a broadway tv show, and as that it will only has a life of TWO ACTS, which will leave us happy and glad that it came that way, and that it was finished in the right time. 

Smash as almost all broadway shows, will have its only two acts, but it will remain in all of the fans hearts and minds. 

Smash will be reminded by those who followed episode by episode, season 1 and season 2, despite its ups and downs. It’ll be a show that will be remembered by everyone. 

Smash is a bomb show, full of energy, and just as the two fictional broadway shows in it, it is a HIT LIST and a BOMBSHELL!

Im very sad and angry that it has to end this way. But at least it’ll have the live of a broadway show.

"A good broadway show, doesn’t last forever."


#Smash #KeepSmashing #ILoveSmash #Broadway