My brother-in-law watches The Devil's Hand
  • Him:wait, is that Lexa?
  • Him:That guy looks like Finn! What the fuck is going on?
  • Him:shit, it's him!
  • Him:is this like some after-life shit where all of them died in The 100 and this is where they find heaven but it's actually hell?
  • Him:I wonder what Clarke thinks of this...
  • Him:so am I the only one getting weirded that they're actually making out?
  • Him:this is so not Lexa.
  • Him:everybody is crazy.
  • Him:fucking pervert, kill him Lexa.
  • Him:I thought this is a horror movie?
  • Him:Lexa no
  • Me:*pauses the movie to do stuff*
  • Him:....
  • Him:........
  • Him:come on, let's proceed. I wanna see Lexa and Finn fight. Preferably over sharing a girlfriend.
  • Him:called it, it's Lexa's real mom who's batshit.
  • Him:wtf she just broke his neck without blinking. Damn girl.
  • Him:the damned prophecy is fucking real.
  • Him:bloody Lexa yes.
  • Him:you go, evil Lexa. I actually like this twist.
  • Him:wow well that was all very interesting.
  • Him:I still think the Finn guy needs to change his course. He keeps getting killed by his girlfriends. Clarke killed him, and now Lexa did.
  • Him:perhaps he should go gay. He might get lucky.
  • Me:.....

I have to keep reminding myself that being 100% fluent in Cantonese isn’t the thing that makes or breaks my Chinese identity. I have to keep reminding myself that this face is a Chinese face. I have to keep telling myself I’m not a failure for only just now learning Mandarin. I have to keep telling myself that there are other people like me, who acutely feel the pain of being diaspora’d. 

I keep telling myself I am okay, there is no “[insert ethnicity here] enough" - and it gets exhausting. I’m grateful for AFAD and AAGU and for spaces where we can all rest. Maybe heal. 

Anyways, Happy AFAD! We’re all beautiful and kickass! Let’s celebrate US!


agxollyalexander asked:

i mean bc i said bad things abt noodle boy

Ahh, ok. Well none of us are saints. We all talk shit sometimes. For me, it depends on what you’re saying. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him. Fair enough. But insulting his ethnicity, religion and name crosses the line for me. Some of the comments about his appearance are overboard too. 

Can I keep it 100 in this mutha?

Imo experience, people hate confident people who know their own mind and have their own opinions unless they’re lockstep with their own. If you’re a person of color, expect double the hate. 

Let NB do his thing. Let him be confident, even a little cocky. We don’t know his struggle. Maybe he’s earned the right to be very outspoken. Maybe there’s a method to his madness. As for the current controversy, I think he’s playing his position as part of a larger stunt. We don’t have to agree with everything he says and does. But we don’t have to hate him for it either. That groupthink piling on tends to only lessen us as individuals. Always be able to step back and assess a situation for yourself by yourself. My mom always says—and she’s usually right.

P.S. Trust Zayn Malik. I doubt there are any assholes in his inner circle. NB seems to adore Zayn and that speaks volumes about both of them.

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Hey this is kind of a shoutout here but my friend has been picked on by anons about their Rose Quartz Cosplay saying she's too skinny and should not do it.... It isn't very nice and I don't get it

Bullying is not okay. Period. 

I’m sorry that’s happening to your friend. We try to keep this blog 100% hate free because we want everyone to have fun and feel welcomed. 

To those who feel the need to control others and who they should cosplay: Stop. You are not the cosplay police. We’re all trying to have fun and enjoy the show and these characters. You are a problem and bullying like this will not stand here.
Anyone can cosplay whoever they want. Do not bash or shame someone because their physical appearance does not match up with canon/your headcanon. 

If you think it’s a problem that a skinny person wants to cosplay Rose Quartz, then keep it to yourself until you learn to stop being rude. We’re all here to have a good time, negative comments are uncalled for. 

First, my apologies for yucking up the tags and again, sorry if you’ve already seen this (but that other post happened at like 2am and reblogging for the day crowds doesn’t quite work with tags)!!

BUUUUT: I keep getting recommended the 100 blogs which is fantastic but also these blogs have like thousands of followers (which i get so many of them make stunning edits, no joke this fandom has serious skills) but like… where are the blogs where people don’t have as many followers so I can befriend these people and talk about the show bc those are my people…

So it would be awesome if you wanna like this post/recommend blogs, etc, please do so I can check out/follow some of you all?


Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

The Signs as Hogwarts Subjects
  • Aries:Care of Magical Creatures
  • Taurus:Herbology
  • Gemini:History of Magic
  • Cancer:Charms
  • Leo:Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Virgo:Potions
  • Libra:Muggle Studies
  • Scorpio:Ancient Runes
  • Sagittarius:Flying
  • Capricorn:Transfiguration
  • Aquarius:Arithmancy
  • Pisces:Divination