help a person who is turning homeless in may

Ok! Hello, help me.

This is the second to last day in my house.

I’m going to try and set up a paypal tomorrow (april 28th) so I can beg and beg for donations.

I’m going to be homeless all of may. We don’t know where we are going to stay, but I still have to go to school. Junior year costs lost of money, for my exams, drivers ed. Also other stuff like food, water, clothing.

please, keep in touch when i open my paypal.

My mom recently got out of jail (i’m so happy!) but her job is the only way i eat dinner now. she comes home at 1am from her ruby tuesdays job with the only food i eat all day. 1am.

i need money to have food.

my dad had hospital costs cause his face is paralyzed. I need money to go to a doctor (i have never had one!!)

i need money to help me with my medical costs (glasses are expensive! mine are very weak on me) and i recently got a second degree burn which is healing, but i need money for aloe.

we don’t know where we are going to stay, but more than likely it’s going to be far away from my school. i usually wake up at 4:55 for my school, and now i’d have to wake up at 3:55? or so to get to school on time.
(i feel bad that my mom is driving and doing all this for me. I need to get my license soon. but, money :( )

anyway, tl;dr- help. I have no financial support and im scared. I’m scared, scared, scared. Please, i’m going to open my paypal april 28th. even a dollar counts.


I was cleaning up some posts and I realised I hadn’t answered this anon’s question about what happened to Bree’s mabari. (It was named Pookums by Bree, but since everyone refused to call the mabari by it’s proper name, it was simply known as The Dog.)

Bree gave her mabari to the Tower, with specific instructions (to the dog, ofc) to safeguard the lives within, saying that she would return one day when the time was right.

#14 (holmesianpose)

Say those heady words to me again, love,

Until I know that you are mine to keep,

Touch in every single way I’ve dreamed of,

In dreams that left me writhing in my sleep.

My love is like a fever, a disease,

That only lives to ruin and consume,

Forgive me, love, I want you on your knees,

I want to creep, by night, into your room.

Forgive me love, for I am sin, the snake,

That must devour your innocence, your heart,

And claim what no one else can ever take,

And watch your face as you are torn apart.

So let me drink again that heady wine: 

Open your mouth and tell me you are mine.

ok so i have an iphone 5s that’s a year old and today it was unlocked and i left it on the table and it started doing things without me touching it??? like it scrolled up my txt conversations to march, then it went to the home screen and shut my tumblr app and opened my photos app all without me touching it??? i did a hard reset and now it keeps freezing the touch screen (like music is still playing just the touch screen doesn’t work) and turning the brightness up and down randomly like wtf is going on does anyone else have/had this problem its rly odd??? like its just been today??

anonymous asked:

My parents are homophobes but I'm gay and want to be open so bad? I need advice on what to do?

Well, as I always say, if you think that they won’t support you then don’t tell them until you can be independent, I know it is difficult and that you want to live your sexuality, but, it is more important that you feel save, ok ??? I really wish you the best, please keep in touch :)

Lost in the Dark

We’ve been lost in the dark
by miles and depths
tracing our footmarks
On the road where we stepped

We’ve been wanting for the moonlight to arrive
and for the caliginous darkness to subside
but we’ve lost all the sparkling stars
trying to light us in the dark

Everything we sense seems to disappear
the only thing I feel is the heat around the atmosphere
the cimmerian darkness is slowly killing us
and a rush of pain in our body started to pulsed

We’ve travelled the wrong direction
and we’ve lost all the connection
that keep us in touch
suddenly we’ve lost the match
and our feelings and hearts began to crash

if i do delete this blog and make a new one im not really sure who wants me to keep in touch and follow them so I guess just message me so we can keep in contact and I’ll give you my new url :)

A product of 27 hours of watercolor, waiting for the papers to thoroughly dry, scanning, meticulously editing them on photoshop and finally uploading them on tumblr!!! My hands hurt but I would be able to go on my study tour knowing that I’ll have a post up every day. (: I’ll still keep in touch wherever I can find a reliable source of wifi and I hope you guys like my posts! :D

Larries still believing Niall is the ‘captain’ of their ship… That’s just… Did they forget who scored a goal for him?? who said he would do him? Who keeps touching his dick on stage in front of thousands?? Who spent his days off with him in Ireland??? Who is he taking on his golf dates???
Naah maan. Niall’s too far up Harry’s ass he doesn’t give a shit about your damn dead ship

Just A lil Update

Hello folks.
I’m leaving to Africa tomorrow (Tuesday) so you can imagine that I may not update as often - but I’ll do my best to keep in touch and curate some cool art for ya when I can.

If you have any recommendations for art to see in Southern Africa, whether music, visual or otherwise rad stuff, shoot me a message!

All the Best.


   A part of the reason why Gilbert is so attached to
    his royal family, the Hohenzollerns, is because
    during a time when he was seriously doubting
    himself and was so ready to accept the fact that
    maybe he won’t ever be anything more than a 
    Polish servant state, they saw something -
    Some potential in him - Took him as their own
    and made him everything he wanted and more.

    He’s forever indebted to this family and, although
    they no longer hold power in Germany, he makes
    a point to keep in touch. He is their Prussia.
    Nothing will ever change that.


;_; oh gosh… i made a huge mistake and accidentally got bonbon into boxes!  found her a wonderfully loving home, and she’ll keep in touch with mira, but it’s still sad to see that they’re going to have to switch to a long-distance relationship. mira’s been sad, but everyone in town is here for her. feel better, mira! good luck on your travels, bonbon!

I’ll be deleting tomorrow so I want to make sure you all know how you can keep in contact with me if you want - Instagram! You can also send me an ask to ask for my email to keep in touch that way xx

my mom sent me a message yesterday for the first time in a couple months saying she wants to ‘be there’, whatever that means. she wants to keep in touch i suppose. she’s selling the house so i have to go clean out all of my things this year, throw away everything i can’t find space for.. i guess it means she has to find homes for all of the chickens and my turkey. i guess it means finding some kind of storage or drastically downsizing. i’m not going to lie, i have a lot of shit over there, but my packrat nature is all emotionally driven. i have such a hard time moving on from physical parts of my life. it’s going to be a really hard move for me. i’m sure i can donate a lot of things? fuck not being able to communicate with your family and it souring literally EVERYTHING they’ve ever touched.

How to Preserve Long Distance Relationships

In today’s modernized age we can easily communicate with our friends from all over the globe through the use of Facebook, Skype or any other type of social network. However, despite the technological advancement which aids us in maintaining our relationships over long distances, we oftentimes fail to preserve ties with our old friends. So why is it that some relationships survive the separation and others do not?

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