Ereri Week 2015 - June 3: Caught in the act of adding sugar to his boss’s tea. There are certain teas that Levi is adamant that Eren not put sugar in, and he can get kind of scary about it but he’s really just an awkward dork.

i just had a feel bc calliope gets to have her own soul in her own body and live around people she loves and she never has to ACCEPT her abuser into her life, even as something that might make her “stronger” somehow

like godtier calliope said she found his strength in her which is a really valid way to cope with abuse, but she also sees that our calli DOESNT want that, she wanted something else.  she wants companionship and love, and that means not having caliborn in her life in any way if she doesnt choose to, no traces of the life she used to live left inside of her, and thats good too.

aaay this happened …a while ago but I have been really disconnected from FR and tumblr the past couple of weeks. I had been waiting for it for ages though to do a giveaway but I am rather low on the old dragon money so um, lol

*shakes hoard until something falls out*

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Reunion; baratieprince & askmonsterzoro


Zoro had been on the sea in his tiny, slightly pathetic little boat for weeks. and hadn’t had anything to drink in days. So as his tiny boat approached what looked like a restaurant set in the middle of a dramatically blue ocean, he smiled.
He could almost taste the sake on his lips as he tied the boat to the dock and finally set his feet down on the wharf. The three katana he carried at all times were strapped to his waist and he fixed his ankle length coat. Approaching the door, he yawned before stepping inside and walking directly over to the bar.

oh man i just realised that the liars have to go home to their rooms - rooms that are identical to their torture chambers in the dollhouse, and i can’t even fathom how fucked up that is. all those visual reminders of the hell they lived in for three weeks… in the space that should be their sanctuary. there’s something about bedrooms and the specific horror of those spaces being invaded. i am still utterly amazed and horrified by the detail of the girls waking up in replicas of their own bedrooms at the end of last season - because we as the audience had spent five seasons in those rooms with them, but i never really thought about them as holding this much weight, until we got that visual of spaces that were so familiar now placed in such a horrifying context. 

in a show that is so much about identity, that trauma is going to be very interesting and sad to watch. next week hanna will sit in a room that is completely stripped down - paint, colour, furniture and all - and her mother will ask “what happened to you in that room?” (i’m assuming that is her old room, though i did entertain the notion that they had moved into a completely different house)

that’s the image that got me thinking about all this anyway. how are these girls supposed to find comfort and closure in the familiarity of their old lives, when it is their lives that have been used against them? their families (remember how a played mona tapes of her loved ones crying at her funeral to punish her?), their relationships, their homes? this is going to be a tough, incredibly dark season. 

ロー&ルフィ log 01 | BAMD | Artist twitter

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Deleted that vague post because ugh, I don’t need to keep putting that into the world. 

Here’s what I planted yesterday, instead:
2 Hog’s Heart tomato starts
1 Sungold Cherry tomato start
Royal Burgundy Bush Beans
Rainbow Chard
Pickling cucumber
Red & Green Cabbage
Brussels Sprouts

I still want to plant:
French Filet Bean
More tomatoes
Variety of hot peppers
Basil & Cilantro

Problem: I am out of room in my raised bed. Not sure when I will have time to build more. 

In other, yard-related news: my umbrella style rotating clothes line will be delivered tomorrow, and I cannot wait to get it installed in the side yard and hang my laundry on the line. I tried and failed to find one locally, so I exercised my Amazon Prime muscle. This weekend I will hang my sheets and blankets on the line and then climb into my bed at night, slide down between the layers of stored sunshine.