OK since we’re talkin about this whole SG thing, I think we’re forgetting another group of mechs that would look hella rad: the Scavengers!

I was thinking that they would be like really badass space rangers who go around destroying Autobot bases, freeing other prisoners and overall be super awesome and heroic!

Here’s a bit of a quick Misfire design(best sharpshooter but very serious WOW) but i”M FEELING IT


Skye’s father | first lines
AoS 2x02 (Heavy is the Head)

james buchanan barnes was named after us president james buchanan, a lifelong bachelor whose first lady was his niece harriet rebecca lane

bucky’s sister in the comics is rebecca barnes, and bucky in the movies is the eldest of four children

so basically if you don’t think all of bucky’s siblings were sisters named after first ladies of the united states, including a sister named abigail, and all of whom were probably terrifying forces to be reckoned with, why are you even here?

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It’s officially October on the East Coast