The adverntures of Keaton Stromberg and Ashlyn/ chapter three

After that horridness day Ashlyn never closed up shop again, she told Sal what happened , saying she would never ever close up again. He fired her that very day, “I need someone who will come in whenever I need them, I pay you well and if you can’t do that well then I’m sorry Ashlyn I have to fire you.”

It took Ashlyn about two weeks but she found a job as a maid at a richy hotel. It wasn’t the best job but it paid well and she didn’t have to go home at night. She didn’t see the boy after that day and she didn’t see the dirty man either.

Three months later she came walked up to the hotel and saw it surrounded by girls, it wasn’t anything new, it was a nice hotel and a lot of famous people would come here. She didn’t have T.V and she didn’t have anything to listen to music on so she never cared about the famous people which was why her boss always assigned her the celebrities’ rooms.

Probably was, usually the famous people would trash the room worse than others thinking they were better so they did have to respect the rooms.

This time wasn’t any different; after Ashlyn had shoved her way through the crowd of girls she got her supplies from the workers courters and started her job. Working here for so long the work started to become second nature, real easy. Once she got in the groove she would start to day dream, mostly about the boy with the green eyes really.

Her day dreams would sometimes get really extensive but other times stay in the vicinity of meeting on the street. This time she saw the boy through a window in a restaurant, he locked eyes with her and when she went to leave he ran out and grabbed her by the waist kissing her so patiently, his lips felt smooth and warm. She could taste mint and boy on him making her sigh and lean into the kiss more.

It was amazing how much she depended on these little day dreams, sometimes she would come out of the dream and get so mad when she realized it wasn’t real, she would lash out at her mom if her mom would bring her out of the day dream.

Right after she would feel terrible, but these day dreams kept Ashlyn happy and sane. It made her job go faster; sometimes Ashlyn would be excited to go to work because she could be alone for hours just day dreaming.

On good days her day dreams would become so vivid she could feel his breath across her lips, she could feel the warmth of his hands on her waist, she could see his beautiful green eyes, she could even hear his voice as he told her sweet nothings.

When the dreams got that vivid and she came out of them they depressed Ashyln the most, she didn’t know if her mind was trying to make her happy or rip her heart out. She had only met him once and it might be conceived as weird but she just couldn’t keep her mind away from him. He was so kind to her when everyone else ignored her, she felt like she owed him her life.

Shaking her head Ashlyn banished those thoughts and realized she was in a shower in one of the rooms cleaning it. She scrubbed a little longer getting the stains out then hopped out and collected all her things. Walking out to where the toilet was she looked up to see a guy peeing. Screaming and covering her eyes before she could see anything she quickly turned around, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Sr. I didn’t know you were in here.”

He yelped at her scream and quickly zipped up his pants, apologizing as well. “Oh no, it’s not your fault Sr. I should have….I guess I should have been paying more attention. If you are clothed I will leave.”

Ashlyn could feel her face getting hot, all she wanted to do was leave as fast as she could. She heard him come up behind her and grab her shoulder, he turned her around and removed her hands from her eyes.

Once she opened them she felt the air rush out of her and her jaw dropped, she was gazing up into the boys green eyes once again, except this time she almost embarrassed herself by seeing his junk.

A New Beginning - Chapter 8

Parts of me pondered about whether or not I should tell her. Either way she’d get her heart broken. And I’m not about to see my best friends heart get shattered into a million pieces.


"Yeah?" She picked up a few pieces of popcorn and stuffed them in her mouth.

"Nothing." I smiled. The thought of him being out with another girl, and him cheating on my best friend was rough. I felt like the devil on my left shoulder was fighting with the angel on my right. Yelling back and forth, confusing me. 

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I laughed. "Why?"

"You’ve been glancing back and forth at your shoulders for the past minute." Sarah gave me a confused smile and pushed my shoulder lightly. "Let’s go, movie’s about to start." I nodded my head and followed her down the hallway into our theater.


"This movie is fucking hilarious." Sarah yelled halfway through the movie. The lady sitting in front of us shushed her and turned back around with an annoyed look. I looked at her judgingly and started laughing.


"Nothing." I replied laughing and redirected my attention to the screen. "Do… Do you think Keaton might be cheating on you?" She snapped her attention towards me as her eyes opened up wider than a snakes mouth trying to inject venom in it’s prey.

"Uhhhh, no."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I’m sure." She replied and looked at me suspiciously. "Why?"

"No reason. I just, I don’t know. Had a feeling."

Sarah waved it off the rest of the movie and acted like everything was fine. Until the end of the movie. She stopped laughing, stopped pointing out the dumbest little things and just sat in her chair. She looked as if she was about to crack.

"What if he’s cheating on me." She muttered. "What if." Her voice cracked and she looked at me with red, bloodshot eyes. "Shits been going downhill…"

I looked at her with a concerned look and pulled her into my embrace.

"I doubt he is. Look, everything’s gonna be fine. Don’t worry."


The movie all together was hilarious, and our choice couldn’t have been better. It was sweet in the end, it really was. But throughout the movie, laughing was our only suitable choice.

"That was great." Sarah tried to force a smile onto her face. "Movie hopping?" Her eyes darted towards the theatre next to ours which was currently playing spring breakers.

"I heard it’s supposed to be shit." I replied and checked out the hottie standing across the room from me. A wave of courage flowed over me and I sent him a cheeky wink to let him know I’m interested. He sent a wink back and motioned us towards him.

"Hey." He half smiled showing his teeth. I smiled back and death glared Sarah who was still standing cross armed next to our theatre.

"Gimme a sec." I sprinted to the other side of the theatre and lightly nudged her. "What the hell is wrong now?"

Her eyes darted towards a girl I had recognized from earlier. She was snuggling up with exactly who I thought it might be.