I’ve never censored myself for anyone, but when writing that song in particular {blah blah blah} I decided I wanted to talk about men the way men talk about women. I wanted to level the playing field. I’m a young, responsible woman who can work and party as hard as any man. So, if I want to talk about drinking and sex, I’m going to do it.

I just saw this photo of Mukhtar Ahmad and my heart immediately sunk because this is pretty much my dad’s entire wardrobe lol, this is what my dad will look like on any given day. I immediately started reading Fatiha and Surat al-Ikhlas three times… Something we often forget to do when reacting to violence against Muslims. 

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Neaaaaahhhhh -La apachurra con amorsh- <3

EIRI-CHIN! -La estruja con todo el amor inmenso y poderoso que las galaxias le permiten- Personita hermosa de mi corazón! Es tan bueno saber que tus radiantes ojitos aun me noticean <3