Tu Mera Nahin (Drama Version)
  • Tu Mera Nahin (Drama Version)
  • Rizwan Anwer & Saad Sultan
  • Mera Naam Yousuf Hai OST

mera rom rom khali hai
mere saare khwab jaali hain
mere kol aa
dil nu samjha
t u      m e r a      n a h i n.

         every pore of me is empty
                 all my dreams are fake
                              come close to me
                           make my heart understand
                                  y o u ’ r e    n o t     m i n e.


       OUT. okay guys i’m going to be truthful with ya’ll. i’m considering going canon, like canon canon. kishimoto may be a goddamn terrible writer, but i’d like to think of myself as decent. and i’m thinking about a new verse. a verse where sakura is a character that’s complicated, perplex,layered and resentful. and i know her aesthetic is ‘pink,light,tsundare’  but i??? i’ve always disliked that and never felt that it gave her the ‘right vibe’. i hate that sakura didn’t get what she deserved, that she got screwed over by everything and everyone. but that’s life, and i’m more than willing to write her as what kishimoto sees her ( post-character assassination ), sakura is one of the muses that are highly versatile, and quite frankly i can do anything to her if there’s the right development, plot and verse. honestly before sakura hiden, or the spinoff i’ve never would thought to have sakura cast as a whore who got screwed over by a clone and having to deal with the aftermath by herself. or that she has financial troubles when she’s a top-tier medic and kunoichi in general. the sakura i’ve written til now was self-respecting and didn’t deal with COMPLETE BULLSHIT. and i love that the ever so lovely kishimoto has decided to throw a new bone out, it really puts everything in perspective. i’ve seen the warrior-queen trope handed to sakura; honestly almost every sakura blog including me. and sakura, as an adult with so many worries and stress she faints occasionally she’s not a fucking warrior-queen. she’s a mom who doesn’t know what to tell her ‘daughter’, someone who is still chasing after a man that’s deserted her and ‘their supposed daughter’ for 12 years ( i mean, come on, even itachi checked up on sasuke once in a while, not 12 years. ). she is going to be self-loathing, bitter, having major trust issues and a slight of a recluse. she’s had everything taken from her despite giving everything away to begin with and tramped on for it. been to war ( and god knows what would’ve happened if not for her ), degraded and basically dumped like trash. so. right now, i’m up for plotting. i want to develop this sakura, and write the very real problems with the shitty-ass konoha. 

The society we live in,
Seduces our words into silence,
Caresses our hands into cuffs,
And massages our bodies into machines.

Yet within the confines of my psyche,
I cannot be touched or retrieved.

Here I can sit under the purest of skies,
Where emotions flit wildly from person to person,
Through electric connections and paralysing kisses
And the word of a poet is like the word of God.

Or I can crawl to the dankest corners of the animus.
To be alone, able to wallow and mutter to myself,
And to make things with shaking fingers,
To only destroy them with an iron fist.

I am content with either state of mind,
For I know the other exists somewhere,
They are the ying and yang that complete me,
An entire whirlwind inside.

A complete world of its own,
Never to be externally experienced,
Trapped behind the cool, stinging bars,
Of this cell we call society.

—  society vs. anti-society