ff of dec. 25, 2014 —- art source. 

ooc. so, the year is almost over, and it’s about time i did another one of these! after all, it’s christmas, hinata’s birthday is on friday, the year is ending, and i’m almost halfway to 1K followers on this blog! so — this is a pretty huge ff marker!!! my nearly-three-years rping in this fandom has been really fun throughout all of my blogs. i’ve made so many friends and have had so many interesting plots with a variety of different characters, and it’s been a roller coaster, tbh.

whether we interacted on hidan, guren, kurotsuchi, hinata, all my old muses, etc., thank you!! even if we’ve only spoken ooc, thank you!!! if we’re just mutuals, thank you for following me!! it means a lot.

i tried to keep this short, but i failed lmao. as usual. i just love everyone. i still probably forgot someone SO I’M SO SO SO SORRY ah hh h. i love you all, okay??? like honestly, thank you for sticking around with me and my blogs, despite my constant bouts of inactivity. everyone is under the cut. bolded urls are nerds i rly like.

tbh if u have multiple blogs, you’re on here several times. and honestly, even if we’ve never spoken, yoU’RE ON HERE because i already like you.

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Trying to imagine Christmas on Voyager

Seven of Nine taking hours to wrap presents because she’s trying to be really efficient and only cutting exactly the length of wrapping paper she needs for each present

Neelix making sure that everyone on the ship gets a present and is included in a time of general celebration and goodwill even if they don’t celebrate Christmas

Kes making sure that ‘everyone’ includes the Doctor


take a second to appreciate Kesha singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with her friend peeing in the background

Okay but imagine on christmas day all of the families have done their thing and they’re kinda just hangin out then ilo busts down the front door dressed in a santa suit shouting and throws presents at all of the kids