I swear to god this summer I will go to my happy places - lakesides, rye fields and that little island close to our cottage. I’ll learn to make a motherfucking flower crown and just lay in the forest all day if I feel like it. I’m going to take a week for just myself, stay at our cottage and fish me some fishies and collect berries and herbs. I’ll climb every tree if I want to. Because fuck it, this summer I’m going to be free.

sometimes i see ppl holding up animals by the scruff of their neck or back and not supporting their whole body and i’m like…………….. can you stop doing that immediately. i dont care if it doesn’t explicitly hurt them, it probably still isn’t as comfortable as it could be so why would you do it. why. support ur animals little feets please and also their head if theyre lying down.

What if Jem met a descendant of his mother’s family? 

The Ke family is haunted by the fact that one of their bravest girls and her husband were brutally killed, and they couldn’t raise her young son because Yanluo may return to kill him. This story of tragedy is told to every future generation as a reminder to cherish every moment spent with loved ones. 

Then Jem comes to visit the Shanghai Institute in modern day. One of the Chinese Shadowhunters is shocked to learn that Jem’s name is Ke Jian Ming. The Shadowhunter, who’s last name is also Ke, realizes Jem is the young boy from his family’s tragic stories. That Shadowhunter explains that Ke Wen Yu was one of his great-great-great-great grand aunts, and she was greatly missed by the family. He can’t believe the stories he heard as a child were real after all, and that he’s meeting one of his own ancestors. Before Jem leaves, he promises to keep in contact. 

Spoiler alert: Jem visits him every other Chinese New Year. They compete in jiaozi making and eating contests.

If the crew of Voyager had a tumblr:

Janeway posts coffee, dogs, space phenomenon and every once in a while a drunk post that Tuvok deletes immediately but Tom always reblogs first.

Chakotay posts Quotes of the Day, mindfulness tips, pictures of nature and photos of himself with old Maquis friends.

Tuvok claims to not have one but secretly follows everyone from a tumblr called “ask Voyager’s Senior Staff” that answers asks for the Bridge crew and memes. He can also hack into everyone else’s, as necessary.

B’Elanna changes her username every 90 days or so, routinely deletes posts or her entire blog on a whim, has been accused of being a Social Justice Warrior despite at least 80% of her posts being about robotics and engineering.

Tom posts gifs from 20th century TV shows, cars, and shuttlecraft races. And he’s the meme king.

Harry posts performances of Jazz musicians, pictures of Earth, and things he knows the others like tagged with their usernames.

The Doctor posts daily health tips and weekly articles on disgusting medical issues that could happen to the crew if they DON’T COME IN FOR THEIR DAMN VISIT. Also political statements about being alive.

Neelix posts candid photos of the crew, fairy tales from various cultures, recipes, and images of Kes that walk the line between cute and creepy. He also reblogs all of Chakotay’s quotes and The Doctor’s tips.

Kes posts photos of all the interesting species they’ve encountered as well as flowers and plants. Also kittens and kitten equivalents.

Seven doesn’t understand so she just posts her official logs. Janeway tries to explain so she starts posting coffee, dogs, space phenomenon. Janeway sighs and tells her “Seven, NO, things YOU like” so then Seven posts pictures of Janeway. She also posts about Janeway’s service record, which Tuvok promptly deletes starting a war of tumblr attrition because Seven doesn’t like her things being tampered with, even by Tuvok. Eventually he explains to her why her posts are inappropriate and while she disagrees, she stops out of respect for authority. 

(co-conspirator: vasnormandy)