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Misi Ke 柯泯薰 - 署名给

想去旅行 想抛下自己 Want to travel, want to leave myself behind

在那里定居 沿海岸线埋葬回忆 Settle down over there, bury my memories along the coastline

当末班巴士发动引擎 When the last bus starts its engine

我就要背上行李 I’m just about to pick up my luggage

陌生的土地 适合恐惧逃避 Foreign land, suited for fear and escape

抛开了思绪 捡到一封未署名的信 Throwing away my thoughts, pick up an anonymous letter

突然就像被剥夺能力 Suddenly it’s like my energy is taken away

失去双脚无法前进 Losing my legs unable to move forward

你在这里 跟踪我的身影 You are here, following my shadow

随着潮汐 依附着呼吸 With the ebb and flow, echoing my breathing

你的气息 就像太阳升起之前天空弥漫着的雾气 Your presence, like the mist in the sky right before dawn breaks

其实你已离去 在遥远的国度里 Actually you’ve already left, to a faraway land

我在怀里 缓缓闭上眼睛 In an embrace, slowly close my eyes

看见了你 还有我自己 I see you, and myself

慢慢凋零 但在向日葵花盛开以后我会记得写封信 Slowly withering, but after the sunflower blooms I’ll remember to write a letter

署名给你和我自由的心 To you, and my free heart

kis bűntudatot éreztem, amiért abból a pénzből vásároltam elég drágán egy disznósörtés hajkefét, amihez csak vészhelyzetben szabad hozzányúlni

aztán belegondoltam, hogy múlt héten láttam apámat az eddigi hajkefémmel a hátát vakarni, anyámat pedig vele fésülködni, és rájöttem, hogy most jogos az a vészhelyzet

  • Lover
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  • Lover - Single

Spookey Ruben, producer of the recently cyber released Kesha track Lover has yet again surprised us with this new and improved version of the song. It’s shorter (3:33 as opposed to the original’s 5:05) and seems to be overall mastered (listen to the original here). There’s no sign as to if this will have an official release, but on the producer’s bandcamp account it states the song will be available for download Febuary of 2015. Maybe next will be the year of Kesha Rose? There’s no way of knowing just yet, but in the meantime feel free to enjoy the new updated track here, on his bandcamp (previously linked) or feel free to check out the lyric video made by the producer!