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ooc. i was originally going to make a ff on my 2 year anniversary ( feb. 12 ) rping in this fandom, and i was going to do a JOINT celebration thing to include my anniversary, valentine’s day, 1k followers, and my birthday that was coming up. i missed those, so i was going to make a ff last night because it was my birthday, but i fell asleep ( lmao w/no memory of doing so & i ended up in bed ) sO HERE I AM.

anyways, i would like to thank everyone! whether you’ve been following me from the start on my hidan blog or you’ve only recently begun following me on this blog, thank you!! honestly, i never thought i’d stick around for so long, especially with naruto ending. i tried to leave and make new blogs, but it never worked — i’m forever stuck here, but you guys make it fun! i’ve had the chance to rp with so many wonderful people, and i hope that i get to rp with even more people! the people i follow, my followers, and people i’ve gotten to know — you’ve all been nothing but kind to me since i first started rping in this fandom! you’ve allowed me many fun opportunities, so thank you!!

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songs for the sad girl soul

dollhouse//Melanie Martinez•paradise//Coldplay•sad girl//lana del rey•teen idle//marina and the diamonds•I wanna get better//the bleachers•I wanna be yours//arctic monkeys•angel with a shotgun//the cab•the crying game//nicki Minaj•back to black//Amy winehouse•big girls cry//sia•I lied//Nicki Minaj•ride//lana del rey•lies//marina and the diamonds•Lyin king//jheke aiko•broke//Natalia kills•dancing with tears in my eyes//ke$ha•warrior//Demi lovato•hello heartache//Avril Lavigne•wonderland//ke$ha•speechless//lady gaga•six degrees of separation//the script•I can’t stop drinking about you//Bebe rexha•champagne//niykee Heaton•we are broken//paramore•kill my boyfriend//Natalia kills•born to die//Lana del rey•love is a suicide//nataila kills•

Shuffled playlist

I was tagged by odetopaisley too shuffle my playlist and put the first ten songs

1. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
2. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
3. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
4. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
5. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
6. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
7. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
8. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
9. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
10. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

I tagg oprahx2 ke-mo-sabe hoe4harryy reginaxrose el—-guapo

—A few times i’ve been around that track, so it’s not just gonna to happen like that— cantaba y bailaba mientras el hombre frente a ella fotografiaba cada movimiento  y sonreía ante la voz cantarina de la joven. —Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl, I ain’t hollaback girl— miró al fotógrafo con una mueca de diversión en el rostro y largó una carcajada. —¡No te rías, Max! ¡Es una buena canción!— admitió entre risitas, ignorante del hecho de que a unos pocos metros había otra persona observando la sesión. 

I just saw this photo of Mukhtar Ahmad and my heart immediately sunk because this is pretty much my dad’s entire wardrobe lol, this is what my dad will look like on any given day. I immediately started reading Fatiha and Surat al-Ikhlas three times… Something we often forget to do when reacting to violence against Muslims.