*Literally crying* This is so freaking perfect. I’m caught between mouth-kissing whoever made this and shoving them off a cliff for giving me the feels. (Who am I kidding? We all love the feels.)

i ship like. i have shipped a lot of things in bleach for years. aigin, grimmichi, nnoishin, urashin.

i’m seeing a lot of talk about aigin on my dash by godkilller and i love that you bring up such a good point??? because like all of these ships… ugh, some fandoms twist characters to be ooc to fit a ship so fucking often. like, even though i’ve always shipped this stuff, i was always so picky over fics or doujinshi because aizen and gin and grimmjow were always being poorly portrayed. i saw it happen less, thankfully, with shinji and nnoitra, though i know nnoitra gets softened a hella lot in fandom too and just???

it’s just funny because i know a lot of people have preconcieved ideas of certain popular ships and have distaste to them because of what fandom has done b ut it’s always just interesting to think about.