I know some of you are WAY past 100 but tbh getting tumblr followers is difficult as most people have preferences these days…and i was not active for ages.. but getting back into tumblr and getting these followers makes me feel so happy my blog is loved. (I did change my blog alot over time… But i know where i am at now and will stick with kpop and anime, my life is basically that.)
I remember when I was so excited when I had like 10 followers so tbh, being here now is such a privellege and it will forever be honoured.

I would like to thank ALL of my followers so I will tag you all :

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I know you guys may not follow me back, but I have to include some blogs that I follow and still interact with in this appreciation post. These blogs are the ones that really make my tumblr feed the BEST EVER and I am so happy to follow you as you inspired me to make my tumblr just as amazing as yours and you keep me up on here till late hahah -.-: (i really hope i aint forgotten anyone)

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And to conclude this post I want to thank all Kpop and Anime lovers worldwide! The fandoms and the dramas and the reactions to anime make this life so much better. I spend a lot more time interacting with other Kpop/anime fans and I think it opened a million doors for me in some way.. I have made tons more friends and I hope to make more! If you do not know me on here very well do not be afraid to message my through my ask box, dont be anonymous !! I love you all. Have a nice day. X


Bong-sook, is this your number? It’s me, sunbae.

Hey, you despicable coward! You leave and abandon me in that mess by myself and now you’re nowhere to be found? You want to die? Do you want me to kick your butt?

Are you okay? This is my number so call me and let me know that you’re okay. I was too busy today, and wasn’t able to take care of you.

You’re okay, right?” – Yeong-shin