“Dâr-ı dünya, ey birader, köhne mihmanhânedir.
Dil veren vîrâneye, uslu değil divânedir.
Bir mukîm kimse bulunmaz hâne-i eflâkde,
Cümle halk ehl-i sefer, âlem misafirhânedir.”

Mám pocit uspokojení, David konečně dokáže “odpovídat” ukazováním na mé otázky, kde má jakou část těla.
“Davi, kde máš uši?” a on si opravdu ukáže na uši. Konečně! Konečně to dělá!
Bez toho aby mě po otázce Kde máš nos? rýpal do oka.
A trvalo nám to jenom čtyři měsíce!


Konqi ver.2 Design Collection

Konqi the little dragon is the mascot of KDE, a free and open source software community since 1996. It hosts projects from software frameworks, desktop environment to various applications. My primary digital painting tool, Krita, is one of their work.

This is my re-design based on Stefan Spatz’s former one. If you are interested, also see my initial design vision when I won the re-design contest.

Now the design has been refined, giving Konqi a cuter face, less sharp-looking antlers, longer, meaty limbs to do various poses and a more elastically looking tail. The color palette received small tweaks to make the outlines look lighter. I’m going to need a long time to create all his friends though!

Download the larger size:

HUGE! Use Right-click > save as!

I hope you like my new design! :)

This collection of pictures is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA / GNU GPL / LGPL /GFDL. I hereby donate them along with the design concept to KDE, so there won’t be any copyright issues that might hold them back. (Just in case!)

Special thanks to Stefan Spatz, the original designer. I deliberately based my new design on his former one, showing the continuity of spirit.

Also, special thanks to Jos Poortvliet who requested me for stock pictures, leading to the creation of these pictures.

Scrolling back in screen

A few years ago I discovered screen, a nice Linux tool that enables you to detached from terminal with commands running and all in the background. You can even connect later from a different computer and continue where you left off. I initially used it for rtorrent, but now I also use it to administer remote computers, for example when I start to do something that might take more than a day, I can log back in tomorrow. Also loggin in from home/work to complete some task, etc. Another use is administering remote computers on dial-up (yes, there are some) or slow and unstable 3G connections. Even if connection breaks down, I can log in later and pick up where it stopped.

One of the annoying “problems” with screen is that shift+page up/down does not scroll the buffer. This is due to the fact that screen has its own buffers. To work with them you need to enter the “copy mode” using Ctrl+a followed by [. Since I use non-English keyboard that’s Ctrl+a, AltGr+f. Hard to remember when you don’t use it often.

I use Konsole, and I found a way to make it work by adding the following lines to .screenrc (in my home directory):

termcapinfo xterm|xterms|xs|rxvt ti@:te@

Pictures I designed for KDE’s mascot: Konqi.

  • #21 Konqi managing documentations
  • #22 Konqi searching in archives
  • #22 Konqi tending PC hardware

I’m updating sketches on Twitter when I draw as well as other little things from now on. Feel free to add me on Twitter!

My twitter is @TysonTanX

I somehow missed all of the 15.04 roundups last month! My main thought is “I like choice as much as the next person—if not more—but do we really need another web browser?”

Also, a Kubuntu 15.04 summary.