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The Amazing Ronaldinho Skills Flipbook Video

Maybe you’ve already seen this. Even if you have, watch it again because it’s beyond amazing. The amount of effort it took to put this together boggles the mind. Does this person (YouTube user ETOILEC1) have a job? It seems unlikely. Or perhaps he or she lives off of the income from YouTube ads on his or her videos. Whatever, check out this flipbook of Ronaldinho that adds a whole new artistic element to the insane skills of the Brazilian legend.

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Investigative journalism by Kckrs: “Carlos Valderrama Did Not Cut His Iconic Hair, No Matter What You’ve Heard”:

Shocking news broke on Twitter last week, when Carlos Valderrama announced that he had shorn his iconic hairdo in lieu of a more aerodynamic look. The photos were distressing. The tears, real. Why would El Pibe do such a thing? What is more precious than the hair that made his amazing play in the 90s such a transcendent experience for millions of fans? Why did you do it, Carlos? Actually, he didn’t. Deep breaths.

Despite this news taking off like a shot around the Twittersphere, the images of Valderrama without his locks appear to be photoshopped. The source of the rumor is a Twitter account that appears to be that of El Pibe.


Carlo Valderrama’s crazy insane hair remains on his head where it belongs. He is not on Twitter. Carry on.

Click thru for embedded tweets from the fake Valderrama, Andres Cantor, and Grant Wahl.  

A Youth Soccer Club Is Screening A Movie About Bad Youth Soccer Parents Called ‘Bad Parents’

As with anything filled with potential irony, it’s not exactly clear if the Montclair United Soccer Club of Montclair, New Jersey is screening the film “Bad Parents”, about a group of really terrible, over-competitive soccer parents, because they get the joke or because they totally don’t. Even if they understand the irony of a youth soccer club screening a move about terrible soccer parents, what’s the point? Because it’s funny? As a “lesson” to the bad soccer parents undoubtedly in their ranks?

At least the money raised will help kids who can’t afford to pay for soccer (yes, that’s how we do it in America…don’t ask).

    Starring Janeane Garofalo, Reiko Aylesworth, Rebecca Budig , and Ben Bailey, Bad Parents is a witty, satirical comedy that exposes a world where “trophy kids” are like a new drug and addict parents will stop at nothing to insure their next fix. It’s soccer moms, and dads, gone wild. The film is written, directed and produced by Caytha Jentis from Ridgewood NJ.

    Of course those types of parents aren’t in Montclair…

    All the monies raised will go toward ‘soccerships’, funds Montclair United Soccer Club uses for kids who can’t afford to play soccer. 

The problem with this film is that these people exist, and it makes me sad. We actually knew about this movie when it was released last year, we just didn’t pass it along because…well, it’s about shitty parents and youth soccer.

Also, the voiceover guy on that trailer is terrible.

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Here’s Our Apology For Not Knowing About Subbuteo Art Before (There’s Subbuteo Art!)

Soccer Art Here’s Our Apology For Not Knowing About Subbuteo Art Before (There’s Subbuteo Art!)

Jason Davis

Despite out best efforts, we occasionally miss things here at KCKRS. We do our damndest to bring you the best of soccer culture, be it art, music, movies, games, etc., but every once in awhile something amazing exists that evades out near-constant scanning of the internet (we have an algorithm we call “Joe.” It’s constantly calling out sick and eating up all of the free cookies in the break room. What’s an algorithm again?). This is one of those things we missed. It’s Subbuteo Art, and it’s magnificent.

You’ll be wanting to run directly over to the Subbuteo Art site to check out the beautiful hand-painted figures, but before you do, here’s a taste of what you’ll see. All of this is done by Terry Lee (follow him @SubbuteoArt), and all of it is available for purchase.

First, Eden Hazard kicking the ball boy. Art RIPPED FROM HEADLINES.

George Best!


Zlatan! Scoring the insane overhead kick against England!

Sir Alex, Jose, and Arsene!

See more of Terry’s work at Subbuteo Art. And yes, he takes requests.

via: KCKRS