Six charged after sexually assaulting woman met online

BEAUMONT, Texas — Beaumont police say six people have been charged after sexually assaulting a woman they met on the website, reported KBMT.

According to police, a Houston woman met a Beaumont man online. She then drove to a vacant home in the 3900 block of Broadmoor in Beaumont. Once inside, police say four men and two juveniles held her against her will and forced her to perform sexual acts.

The woman managed to lock herself in a bedroom and bust a window to free herself. Police say she ran to a neighbors house naked and bleeding.

“She was standing in my front yard and was just covered in blood and naked and her left wrist was dripping with blood,” Linda Toombs told 12News.

Toombs called police and says she wrapped the woman in a sheet until police arrived.

When police arrived, the six involved had already fled.

Police say they were later identified in a photo lineup.

Two names have been released to 12News. Jerimy Rowe, 21, of Beaumont and Jacoby Carrier, 24, of Beaumont are two men who remain in jail on $300,000 in bonds.

Rowe, Carrier, and the other four believed to be involved have been charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and theft. Police say the theft charge stems from the woman’s debit card being stolen.

Officer Carol Riley told 12News the world’s oldest profession is a gambling game.

“You roll the dice and take a chance of either being murdered or put through something that you’ll never recover from,” said Riley.

Officer Riley said the woman was taken back to Houston for treatment.

Police also worked a similar situation last week involving the site

Riley said in that case, a woman drove to Beaumont from Dallas and met a man at a hotel. Riley said the man showed a handgun and during a struggle, the gun went off. No one was hit.

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