There has been talk of putting a KBIC (Keewenaw Bay Indian Community) gas station in the city where I go to school. There is one about an hour north of us, and since they don’t have to pay tax, gas is easily $0.30-$0.40 cheaper than here. As a poor college kid, I’m all for cheaper gas in the area, as Marquette is home to the highest prices in the state most of the goddamn time. 

The oil-folk up here are NOT happy. Most notably, the folks in charge of Krist Oil; who own a metric fuckton of Citgo gas stations across the Upper Peninsula. The title quote is straight from the mouth of the V.P.

I just can’t even handle how ridiculous this person is. I’ll construct a better post once I get over my amazement.

I know former employees of Krist, and they all have tales of how awful it is. This kind of behavior is, unfortunately, the norm. I’m glad he is finally making an asshole of himself in the public eye, though. 

I just feel bad for any current gas station employees that have to deal with the shit they are GOING to get from customers.  

KBIC judge ignores order to stop proceedings in gaming litigation

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community of Michigan appears to be heading back into a judicial crisis over plans for a new casino.
Tribal members approved the $2.75 million purchase of the Baraga Lakeside Inn for $2.75 million with the intent of building a new Ojibwa Casino at the site. But former chairman Fred Dakota says the process was illegal so he filed a lawsuit in tribal court to block the plan.