>when people put this bullshit on your gender meta posts and expect me to take it seriously

Alpha hierarchy is based on outdated studies by Rudolph Schenkel from 1947 who studied a group of unrelated packs in captivity, not real wolves out in the wild, findings that were corroborated by other wildlife researchers who, hey! Also studied unrelated packs in captivity

It was popularized by a book by L. David Mech from 1970, from his study on wolves in Isle Royale National Park as part of his PhD study, though he has since renounced the idea of an “alpha wolf” with his 1999 study of actual wolves in the wild, in which case he found that in real packs, there are no inherent “dominant” or “submissive” wolves, as real wolf packs are not hierarchy-based but more like families, with two parents and their young

If I was going to have real-life pack mentality among werewolves it wouldn’t accurately be portrayed as a hierarchy-based “alpha” structure, it would be portrayed by either a typical nuclear family of werewolves or by a big polyamorous werewolf pile

Now, get your 1940s pseudoscience outta my gender meta

#3 of today’s mini challenge: only make Beastlies in poses I don’t typically use. Focus on conveying story in gestures. This one sort of half worked.

Is Magnus had a dog, a glittery Scooby would definitely be perfect! #Repost @thosefictionalcharacters
Row #3
Let’s give out our special thanks to our High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane / @harryshumjr for sharing some pictures on his snapchat.

More werewolves dealing with nebulous gender identities

If werewolves don’t even have concrete physical identities there isn’t any reason why they would bother adhering to concrete gender ideas

A group of literary scholar and philosopher werewolves having lengthy debates discussing the performative aspects of humanity as it relates to humans’ performative acts of gender

Werewolves that reject the gender binary and human identity entirely and have different physical identities every time they shift

Pls more werewolf meta dealing with gender fluidity

  • Artist: Dave Allsop
  • Card Name: Beast Within
  • Card Number: no 57
  • Card Text: Destroy target permanent. Its controller puts a 3/3 green Beast creature token onto the battlefield.
  • Community Rating: 4 to 4.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 3
  • Expansion: Planechase 2012 Edition
  • Flavor Text: “Kill the weak so they can’t drag the strong down to their level. This is true compassion.” —Benzir, archdruid of Temple Might
  • Mana Cost: [2][Green]
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Types: Instant