giveaway fic for leona-dracontis
title: divertissement
pairing: midorima/takao
word count: 4,159
theme: sultan/belly dancer!au in which midorima has a late night visitor... and needs new silk sheets.

"You’re dismissed."

Sighing, Midorima relaxed into silken pillows and sheets once the door to his room closed as quietly as possible. Slippered feet tapped away on the marbled floor and Midorima waited until it was silent to get up. The day had been tiring—boring as usual—and Midorima’s nails drummed against tables and his arm the entire time, eyes glazed with boredom for most of the meetings. People came in and out to see him and he was polite, aloof but respectful, to all of them, passing through the day and just waiting for the sun to set. As sultan, that was his job; to listen and to serve, but many people underestimated the difficulty and tedium of the position.

That night’s dinner entertainment wasn’t the traditional music and dance. They’d been sick, as Midorima had been told upon sitting down, and so he just waved off any apologies, half lidded green eyes looked up once the new music started and on that particular day where he had been famished, was more interested in the food. The lucky item of the day had been a scorpion’s tail and, given the item, Midorima didn’t have a brave enough man or the time himself to retrieve one. And without it, it was no surprise the day ended up that unlucky for him.

Midorima had never been particularly partial to the dancers; he appreciated them being there and it was a nice way to relax during dinner and not be the one that the attention was entirely on, but none of them stood out. He watched and paid attention, clapped when it ended and nodded if he was looked to for approval, as it was the polite thing to do. But faces blended together and gold was gold; gaudy colors were a bit distracting from movements and the embellishment reflected light almost more than the jewelry did. But tonight there was a dancer with fair skin that toned down the colors to warm and an agility in his movements that didn’t make the clinking of metals so obnoxious. 

Playful and flirty; Midorima could see the rippling of the muscles of his abdomen under the lights from his controlled movements and by the time he looked to his face, he was almost surprised by that smirk, a rather bold expression to direct to the sultan himself. His wrists flicked and he moved gracefully; Midorima actually paused a few times during his meal when the eye contact seemed intense, but the other would break it at just the last minute and Midorima would be left wondering if he’d imagined it to himself.

Dinner that night was interesting, to say the least.

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for miss leona, the queen of midotaka

Pairing: Midorima/Takao
Theme: au vampire (r-18)

A coat of sheen sweat covered Takao’s body, lusty moans emitted from parted lips that hid sharp teeth beneath. His back arched languidly and breath was strangled, even more so when he felt a hand grasp his throat tightly, forcing him to turn as his cheek had nearly kissed the wall, and baritone voice murmur ‘look at me, Takao.’


A nickname that he’d imparted upon the green-haired man in a mocking manner to hide his affection was voiced and Takao’s eyes opened slowly, giving a weak smirk. The cold wall now proved merely cool against his flushed skin and Takao was all too glad for it; his limbs were wrapped around Midorima’s body, relying on him to support him as hips rolled to meet his over and over again, thrusts hard and shallow. Ankles crossed the way wrists did, arms on broad shoulders and legs around slender hips.

Midorima’s eyes had a gleam that only moonlight could bring out and his body had red welts left by Takao’s nails. His breathing was uneven, pleasure overwhelming him too much to be able to properly breathe and every time his hips angled so, Takao’s back would arch powerfully and give a moan.

"Sh-Shin… Shin-chan…!"

A neck arched in the throes of his pleasure and to his immense surprise (dimmed only by the pleasure that spread throughout his body,) there was a sharp pain that made him moan only more loudly. He grew even weaker, nails scratching at Midorima’s back again as a breathless moan made it apparent how the slight discomfort only added to the bliss.

"H-ha… ha, more… more, Shin-chan…!"

The blood that was on Midorima’s lips was kissed away by Takao, the shorter man pulling him in for a rough kiss. Black strands of hair were grasped by slender fingers and Takao groaned again, body trembling.


A word was murmured so quietly that Takao hadn’t heart, but lips were by his and hips moved in such a way that had white blinding him.

"You’re mine, Takao…”