Iraq is suffering from major terrorist crisis courtesy of  ‘peaceful’ nations who fund and train terrorists. According to reports, Ayatullah Sistani has ordered people to protect sacred places as best they can and ordered them to take up weapons to fight against the ISIS as it is their Islamic duty.

Keep Iraq in your prayers!

Peace will prevail Terrorists shall fail

Victory is ours ! Insha’Allah <3



Ya Musa al Kadhim (as)

Old Lucknow „ Where Photographs Become Lasting Memories on Flickr.

The stretch from Bajaza Nakhas to Chowk circle , the Mandi and the bylanes of Old Lucknow , just wander and shoot this year I did just that walked in the tiny lanes and walked from Yahya Ganj to Agha Mir Ki Deodi than Wazir ganj and right up to Gola Ganj.

I shot Hazratganj for the first time thanks to my Flickr friend Anandamoy but I still find Old Lucknow exhilarating and memorable..

Even the road that leads you to Kazmain or Hazrat Abbas Dargah its still the same like this picture of the kids shot in 2005 ..and Lucknow is an enigma , a newer part growing rapidly and the older part dying slowly with the weigh of its decadence .

Lucknow the part where my mother lived Pata Nala is still the same one day when Progress Development reach this end it might change „

The present satraps have time only for Saifai.. and what the Nawabs built these guys will never build even in a million life times I humbly think.

Lucknow toilets are for men only open and totally deplorable and stray dogs running the old city „ garbage is everywhere „ you cant miss it .. it is the beauty of a badly managed Old Lucknow .

RIP Old Lucknow