kaythebay asked:

I adore you! And you drive yourself crazy? My mind is full of madness as well, chica. Keep doin you, you seem to have a wonderful soul. ((❤))

Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you for such a kind message. And sometimes I do indeed, but I suppose that we all have a little madness in us, don’t we? Thank you again for the message, you are so lovely~

Steely Dan guitarist/musical director Jon Herington, drummer and one-time Steely Dan collaborator Bernard Purdie, keyboardist Jesse Gibbon, trombonist Rob Volo, trumpeter Mark Coronado and backing vocalists Christine Tambakis & Nicole Zuraitis all assisted Kung Fu in playing ‘The Royal Scam’ in its entirety for the 4th annual #ToysForTots Spectacular at Toad’s Place 12/19/2014. What an incredible night. #kungfutunes #livemusic #steelydan