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A week and a half left loves! 


"Kirpa" will make its first US screening.  I will hit the stage with some new work, and be duetting up with some local Cali talent.   Can’t wait to meet ya’ll xo

Event Details :… 


rupi kaur

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If the trailer for this film can give me chills then I can’t imagine what the full thing will be like…

Stunningly directed by Kay Ray, with a whole team of creative BROWNGIRLS, ‘Kirpa’ addresses a situation that we can pretty much all relate to. 

"…a short film about a 23-year-old art student struggling to fulfill the wishes of her parents while pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist. A lack of communication between her and her father makes home life difficult. They both love and want the best for each other, but don’t know how to communicate this without creating further misunderstandings. A healthy relationship is all Kirpa wishes to have with her father, and that is everything he dreamed of since immigrating to Canada and driving a taxi to support the family. But where did it all go wrong? How can she repair one of the most relationships a young woman has in her life?”

Sound familiar? I know. And it’s so beautifully explored.

Collaborations like this are so important and pack so much power. The haunting, honey-dew vocals of Keerat Kaur really hit the heart too. 

My question is, when and where can we see the whole film if we don’t live in Canada!?

- S

4 weeks ago Sal and I took the stage together for the first time, and now we’ll be at it again, but this time in Cali!

Sacramento is welcoming us Toronto ladies and we’re excited to take their city by storm.  It’s going to be a week long love affair ya’ll.  filled with art, soul, and power.  

I can’t wait to meet and grace the stage with all the local emcees, poets, producers, and singers.  You all are making my dreams come true. 

Having travelling across Canada and the UK at multiple festivals/events, our short film ‘kirpa’ will finally have its first screening in the US.  

The Art of Storytelling will be held September 6 at Sol Collective 

$5 cover | Doors open at 6pm

My humility and love is entirely yours xo

Rupi Kaur

Meet Kiran Rai:


(photo credit: Sach Dhanjal)

Kiran is the woman behind my strength, my team, and my motivation to work.  she is responsible for all my videos.  The woman behind Kirpa. She is so full of talent (actress, director, model, dancer, activist, and more) but that isn’t why i crave for ya’ll to get familiar.  It’s her tender spirit. 

and after years of working hard to make others dreams come to life, she recently launched her own youtube channel.  so if you want to feel all the good feels, embrace this queen because you know what what i always tell ya’ll, when we cherish one another, we all rise. 

california, we meet again .

here i am. on a flight back to home. california. cal-i-for-nia. it’s finally sinking in. it’s unbelievable that i’m actually going again. and always at the right time. i will never forget my last trip to cali. i got to perform on a stage for the first time in the u.s. there at my first giddha competition will some of my closest friends. i traveled on my own from san jose to la ~ which by far was the most incredible experience and really revoked my faith in humanity by meeting the most sincerely genuine people on my travels helping me reach my destination. and i found love again when i thought i could no longer feel. i got the pleasure to strengthen my bond w one of my best friends. prior to my trip, i was anxiously preparing for something i didn’t know would change my life completely. i only went to california once before at the age of 5, and for some reason, it left an impact on me that always pulled me to go back. i was only hoping that this trip would meet half of my expectations, but it was beyond that. it exceeded everything i ever dreamed of. los angeles, california. the city of angels. i fell in love again. it was so pure. it was raw. organic. everything. since i was little, this was the only place my heart ever knew. and it was nostalgic to be reunited again. i only hope to now call this place my home when we meet again. ive been going through a whirlwind of emotions this past year, and this is my only remedy. to be here for my own project is actually the dream of little kiran. and to be joined by my sisters whom i can’t wait to share this journey, it’s going to be INCREDIBLE. and though in the grand scheme of things, this may be a baby step, it’s the step im taking to change my entire universe.

california,i can’t wait to see you again.

ps. you’ll always be my cali partner 🌻

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kes / hair . 

changing the perception of sikh women .

directed by : yours truly .

spoken word by : rupi kaur .

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U.K. FAM! “Kirpa” is making it’s way to you! Check out “Saffron Mic Presents Saffron Cinema” : ~ a night showcasing global independent filmmakers! I’m so thrilled to have “Kirpa” apart of such a beautiful event! Get your tix now for this exclusive screening :

Can’t wait to hear what y’all think of the film! xx

CALIFORNIA. IT’S HAPPENING. ‘kirpa’ is making it’s U.S premiere in my dream home. y’all don’t understand how much this means to me, to know i’d be coming back to cali to premiere my own film is beyond me.


[ wardrobe : bridgeandbardot // mua + hair : @fy__beauty ]