Kaypro II - The first commercially released Kaypro, was an immediate success, dominating its competition, the Osborne I microcomputer. The Kaypro II had a 9 inch internal monitor instead of the Osborne’s tiny 5 inch display, and single sided floppy drives. A redesigned version of the Kaypro II was released in 1984 that allowed block style graphics, and had half-height drives. This version of the Kaypro II had a version of Space Invaders along with the typical ASCII games.

Kaypro Corporation, commonly called Kaypro, was an American home/personal computer manufacturer of the 1980s. The company was founded by Non-Linear Systems to develop computers to compete with the then-popular Osborne 1 portable microcomputer. Kaypro produced a line of rugged, “luggable” CP/M-based computers sold with an extensive software bundle which supplanted its competitors and quickly became one of the top selling personal computer lines of the early 1980s.

While exceptionally loyal to its original consumer base, Kaypro was slow to adapt to the changing computer market and the advent of IBM PC compatible technology. It faded from the mainstream before the end of the decade and was eventually forced into filing for bankruptcy in 1992.

The Kaypro Robie, released in January of 1984, was Kaypro’s only CP/M-based desktop computer. It is a non-portable rendition of the Kaypro 4, which is an upgraded version of the Kaypro II line, which used a 4MHz Z80 CPU and featured a built-in 300 baud modem. The floppy drives are on top of the monitor, which is an unusual and somewhat fugly configuration. It was nicknamed “Darth Vader’s Lunchbox”, because it kind of looks like a helmet with the positioning of the floppy drives.

But what made the Robie special was the floppy drives. And not in a good way. The high density (2.6MB!) drives have a habit of eating floppy disks, literally. The drive heads would scrape the media off the disk substrate, leaving you with a worthless plastic circle. The reason for this, according to someone that worked at Kaypro at the time, was that diamond dust was contaminating the drive heads during the polishing step of manufacturing. This gave the drive heads diamond teeth to chew up disks.

Combine this with the fact that people weren’t interested in CP/M machines anymore, and it was no wonder the Robie didn’t perform very well. Though, it did get some exposure in the media; Bruce Willis used one as a desktop computer in the ABC show Moonlighting.

An advertisement for the “New Kaypro II” - a mythical machine mentioned many times, but never apparently sold anywhere. The “New 2” of 1985 is a different model, having two disk drives instead of one as advertised here. I always thought the mentions of a cheap Kaypro with a single drive made in computer publications of the day were simply mix-ups regarding the Kaypro 1, but then I found this ad.

IV - Cabelo - Sérum KayPro da Kepro

Hoje falo-vos sobre o KayPro, não tenho visto grande coisa na net sobre ele por isso aqui fica a minha opinião.

A verdade é que tenho o cabelo sempre a espigar, já sabem pontas secas “bla bla bla” e também me parece ser um problema constante em cabelos compridos e às vezes muito difícil de evitar.

Assim fui em busca de alguma coisa que me ajudasse a evitar as pontas espigadas e a trata-las, e indicaram-me o:

 Sérum KayPro da Kepro:

Este Sérum serve para todos os tipos de cabelo pintados ou não, e dá para aplicar com o cabelo seco ou húmido.

O que a Kepro diz: Cristais líquidos para a reparação de acção e efeito brilhante. Um líquido hidratante que reforça todos os tipos de cabelo, dando um efeito brilhante e tornando-os fáceis de pentear. Elimina e evita pontas do cabelo espigadas.

O que eu acho: Eu acho que as pontas do cabelo espigadas têm uma só solução: TESOURA (chamem me céptica mas é o que acho).
Quanto a evitar pontas espigadas, amigas COMPREM! É verdade, este produto é realmente maravilhoso (e não recebo nada da marca por o dizer :P)
Pontas espigadas à parte, ele dá um óptimo acabamento, apenas o ponho do meio do cabelo para baixo por causa das raízes oleosas. Ficamos com o cabelo brilhante e com uma facilidade de pentear incrível!

Preço: 9,95€ (100ml)

Preço/Qualidade/Durabilidade: Parece pouco na verdade, apenas 100ml, mas afinal o que são duas ou uma gota por dia? Dois meses e o frasco está praticamente cheio, para mim, compensa!