So let me get this straight… You take ONE good photo and then you consider yourself a photographer? uh… are you on crack? To be a photographer it takes allot more then just one good photo, anyone can point a camera at an object, or a face, and take a good photo. Photography to me is putting thought into the photo, setting your camera with the right settings, looking at that object and transforming it into something amazing, something that no one really takes the time to see. You know when you look at something, like a quilt. it has all those different patterns and shapes in it, have you ever really looked at it? paid attention to every detail in it? well, that’s what photography is like. When you look at something you don’t see the beauty in it, you look and then walk away. When you take a photo of it, it enhances every little detail that the human eye looks over. Photography is much more then pointing and shooting. Its planing, it setting up, taking your surroundings into consideration, taking that shot and making it beautiful, the way you see beautiful. For me, when I hear the sound of the shutter i cant wait to see what it looks like. Photography can mean to someone everything, their whole world. And to others, its just ‘pick up camera, press button’. Photography is everything to me, and it annoys me when people automaticly think they are the shit cause they take one good photo and photo shop the fuck out of it… -.-” But these are my opinions. right?