Detonate- All Day Indoor Fest -Nero (Live) 9th September

The one and only picture of me and Kayelar (Kirstie) together at Detonate ^_^ despite its shitness, it deserves its own shelf within my tumblr :3 <3


The whole thing definately came and flew by too quick; im just glad i got to spend it with you! and ofc i would love to be back there with you now Kurlie <3 …equipt with earplugs ofc ;)


^_^ EEEEEEH! :D <3

At the moment, everything’s been up and down, and the past few weeks has to be the hardest I’ve worked with the littlest rest in between. So as ever, and at the exact same time of every year, my stress levels have been sky rocketing, as well as my asthma being at its worst in years; nearly a decade, if not more!

One thing that hasn’t failed me though is Kirstie Louise Rogers, the most amazingest bestest most perfect girlfriend i could ever wish for, even if she doesn’t think so herself! :D :D :D

She has to be the best thing i could ever dream of that’s keeping me on top of everything :D :D because for once my stress isn’t taking over :) even if i seem to push her away or if we don’t get to spend as much time together as we might like (like last week :’( ) shes always there for me 100%! and i really love her for that ^_^ but i don’t feel like I’ve had the chance to repay the favour and make her feel as special as i feel i used to make her feel! and as much as she deserves!

Yesterday was our 7 month anniversary :D which was topped off beautifully with a CRAFTEH surprise in my bag when i got home of a 9 track playlist CD ^_^ one of the most beautiful playlists I’ve ever heard and nearly, if not the cutest I’ve had from her, and from anyone for that matter! :D cos shes the only person loving enough to make me a playlist ^_^

Having listened to it twice, i dived head first into my box of “Bikay..//<3” and retrieved the playlist she made me for Valentines day :D with a small heart cut in the case, and one attached to it that holds a clue; a clue from the beautiful little riddle game she set up for me with lyrics of songs we love that were so perfectly chosen that they led to another heart with another clue somewhere else in the room ^_^ Another AMAZING beautiful perfect gesture that just means a million <3’s without her even knowing how much it means to me :D

I’m currently on my 7th listen of both CD’s…. In one day! :D they’re just sooo beautiful and perfect! :’D and the first CD from Valentines is bringing back so many amazing memories of our relationship :’) and the both together are actually making me fall in love with her all over again :D making me realise how special she is, and how lucky i actually am to have found her and woo’ed her over!

All of the nights we spent talking til 3 in the morning :’) and every paragraph we posted on each other facebook walls! definitely a perfect build up to our perfect match! :D :D :D the ‘fails’ we shared and the mascots we created :’) the bands we’ve discovered! the trips we’ve enjoyed and the places we’ve visited together :D the foods we’ve cooked together and the meals we’ve shared. the ‘Cheers’s that we’ve toasted to those memorable moments! the films we’ve watched in each others company, and those we’ve failed to finish ;) ;) everything we’ve experience will never be forgotten.

She needs to be made to feel as special as she is to me <3 and for that, ive written this for you. i hope you dont get too sick or bored of me enough to hang about  ^_^ and treat me to your company for however long our relationship takes us <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

i love you more than anything, and once this week is over, i promise to make you feel more special than you’ve ever felt ^_^ more films! :D more places visited! more fails! and more ‘Cheers’s!! :D :D more memories and more little memento’s to add to my box :D yes please!!! ^_^

"paralyze me with your kiss,
wipe those dirty hands on me,
and maybe were looking for the same thing..
maybe you’re the one, who’ll complete me..”

as you quoted, and as I’ll quote now ^_^ take away the ‘maybe’s

i love you Kirstie/ Kaylo/ Kurlie/ K’/ Kaylar/ my sneakeh, trickseh, crafteh, special, gorgeous, beautiful, amezzin!, perfect, sneaker wearing, sneakering, moo moo, wom wom, mow mow, SNEAKY NINJA WOM CAT!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

7 hearts for each month we’ve spent together.. and one more that you stole! :D