W A R N I N G !!

If you’re considering buying from Himi Store, please read this ; v ;

I must seem like such a downer, but please be aware this shop sells so so many replicas it’s insane ;__;

Pics above include replicas of brands such as Aymmy in the Batty Girls, Nile Perch, Katie, Milklim, Candy Stripper and Swankiss. Brands like Nile Perch and Milklim aren’t exactly big money making brands, while Swankiss and Aymmy are really new !!

If this was an artist from the west or tumblr, I’m pretty sure there’d be posts with “omg art theft!!!11!” all over the place, so why can’t we do this for Japanese brands too ? Heck, the reason Japanese brands don’t want to ship abroad is because they’re scared they’ll get their items turned into mass-produced replicas, so having replicas already will basically lead to it being even harder to buy legit goods direct from the store,as less shops will want to ship overseas.

know it’s cheaper to buy replicas, and I’m pretty much fine with folks buying replicas of shoes and bags because they get ruined easily, but.. clothing with original art that someone spent time designing, really?? 

Also to Himi - It’s totally possible to run a storenvy taobao reseller without selling replicas, look at Sweet Soul Store and Spreepicky !! ;__;

If you want to buy from Himi, go ahead !! Heck, if you want to buy replicas, go ahead!!

 Just please be aware that they’re selling replicas without mentioning that they’re replicas, so people might buy them believing they are the real deal. This also means that replicas might flood into the jfashion secondhand market, meaning we might also be buying replicas without realizing. 

Sorry for the rant ;_;