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    mudbloodymary said: no add - using chrome.

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    billiemoods said: I use firefox and I get a pop up when I go to your blog

  3. privilegetoloveyou said: yeah i’ve gotten some before, like when i’ve gone to download a texture, i think? and i use google chrome.

  4. kavlad said: I’m on IE (don’t hate me tumblr) I don’t get any pop-ups

  5. winterinthetardis said: I use chrome and yeah, almost every time i go to your blog, i get the same pop up about getting a green card or something. i dunno why.

  6. brilliant-impression-of-an-idiot said: I don’t get an add (using Chrome)

Ok, so it’s not really browser related then… I’m going to try to change some things later on to see if I can get rid of them. I really don’t want to annoy you with this stuff when you visit me…
Also, if any of you has any idea where they are coming from, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

    kavlad replied to your post: Can we take in to account that Ross has neither facial hair nor muscle.

    We discussed this afterwards. A guy came up to him in college the other day and complimented his arms but we decided that is the range of Ross’s masculinity.

    So, I saw Kav today

    AND IT WAS AWESOME. Missed her face and personality and hugs and laugh so much. She is my pug 4ever xxxxxxx