More Anime USA photos are up on my Flickr, but taking a break for a while. Here’s one of the previews from the amazing Disney Villains photo shoot I photographed. All of the ladies were amazing! :D

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Cosplayer(s): Sakuranym.   
Character(s)Ursula (based on this design).
Series: Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
Event: Anime USA 2012
Location: WDC Marriott Wardman Park. Washington, DC.
Photography: Katsuya (me!)
Flickr Set Here

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Vintage-fied some photos. Still looking into finding those little gems I may’ve missed. Also if you know me well enough, I like old-fashion edits time to time. xD;

Cosplayer(s):  SewthoughtfulSkwinkyVintage-Aerith, and Kusariku.   
Character(s)John Egbert, Jade Harley, Rose Lalonde, and Dave Strider.
Series: Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.
Event: Katsucon 18 2012.
Location: National Harbor, MD.
Photography: Katsuya (me!).
Flickr Set Here 

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More Nekocon previews because I just can’t detach myself from Lightroom to sleep. I swear this is the last time before more updates on… well it’s already Sunday, I just need to give myself a break for a couple of hours. Long hours. »; 
Be sure to click on le source for more photos! All photographs taken by me, and if you’re the cosplayers here do message me. :D