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On our second day in Kouchi we picked up a rental car and drove down to Katsurahama beach. Now, my personal experience of Japanese beaches is that they are not super clean. Even in Niijima’s Shecret Beach there was a lot of garbage to be found by the shore. Pretty disappointing, really.

Which is why Katsurahama was such a breath of fresh air. By far the most beautiful beach I had seen in this country. It was deserted, too, save for one security guard sweating stoically in his long uniform. The Biggest Poop and I were ready to rush in, and then my spider sense tingled. Why was no one else swimming on the beach? I went up to the guard, who graciously explained that someone had drowned many years ago and as a consequence the entire beach had been closed off. It went for at least two kilometers. This is actually a fairly typical response here.

The guard was also gracious enough to say that he could not let us swim under his supervision, but just around the corner there was no way for him to see us. I’m 90% sure that’s what he said, but I pussied out nonetheless. Such a shame…