katrine de candole


Re: Uriel’s fate.

That’s a real bummer :( And it makes me ask these questions:

1. Ok, so what’s going to happen to Uriel’s plan? We know there’s going to be a time jump. Are we going to see the repercussions of her actions?

2. Or maybe Lucifer’s getting this storyline now? 

3. What about Raphael? Does that mean that we’re going to see Uriel’s twin without Uriel? Or is he/she no longer in the cards?

4. Poor Gabe, he just lost his backstabbing ally. Who is going to be helping him, now that everyone is pissed at him? Or maybe it’s the beginning of his downfall?

5. And Arika’s still in town. And there’ll be some flashbacks to her past. It’s hard to imagine them without Uriel’s involvement :(