I really like how the writers are doing the deterioration of Ichabod’s trust in Katrina.

The one thing I was afraid of happening this season was that they’d have Abbie or Henry being the ones to feed into Ichabod’s doubts of her, as opposed to him doubting her on his own. They’re not doing it that way, and I really love it.

The only points Abbie’s made about Katrina is that she clouds Ichabod’s judgment when it comes to his Witness duties and the very valid point that it was foolish to think any mother would turn on her child. They’re objective observations on the situation and were not grounded in jealousy or had the intention of manipulating Crane. It could have become very soap opera-like and fed into this triangle nonsense with Ichabod, Abbie, and Katrina, and it didn’t. I also thought it was very important that while Ichabod and Katrina were talking after Mary died in his arms, Abbie didn’t interject. That moment was about them and their increasingly fucked up relationship, and it needed to be looked at without the voice of a third party (especially the one most fans want Ichabod to end up with romantically).

And Henry… truthfully, all he did was expose a secret. Which is an interesting choice because we all know he hates them to the nth degree. It’d be so easy for him to just fuck with Ichabod and fill his mind with doubt about his wife constantly, but he’s not doing that. All he’s doing is revealing what was already there, and that’s more effective than any mind games he could have ever thought to play.

It’s really important to me to see Ichabod reaching his own conclusions about Katrina instead of it being planted in his head. This dude has had little to no agency over many of the things that have happened to him - most of which Katrina orchestrated - so it was really great for him to just be fed up with all of it. His anger towards her wasn’t based off of Abbie’s words or Henry’s actions but Katrina’s alone. And it was a good reminder for the audience that while Ichabod and Katrina love each other and are often the victim of their often well-intentioned choices, those choices and the consequences of those choices are their own. Others can exploit those problems or point them out, but the root problem is their relationship - Katrina’s constant deception and Ichabod’s borderline willful ignorance about his wife.

It’s not the way I expected the writers to tackle this, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

Critics on season 2 of Sleepy Hollow and Katrina Crane

These are not just fans, these are critics 

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Best character redemption (that would’ve been better if he’d killed his mother first): Sleepy Hollow

The good news is that Henry killed Moloch, which means that the apocalypse has been put on hold—not to mention that there might be hope for Henry yet. (But couldn’t he have killed Katrina first?)

— Entertainment Weekly (x)

but we really thought for a second there that Katrina was going to die and we were excited by the story possibilities that opened up. When she didn’t die, we realized how much more worth she’d have to this story as a ghost rather than a witch.

— Tom and Lorenzo (x)

As for Team Anti-Moloch, I just flat-out do not understand why it has been deployed this way this season. Despite the extra screen time, Katrina, as Genevieve Valentine has pointed out, is more problematic than ever, and Hawley is no Peter Bishop. Part of the problem is, there’s no chemistry between Hawley and anybody else on the screen. Maybe hook him up with Moloch? Or Headless? Because at this point, the other potential pairings do nothing for me.

— The Huffington Post (x)

And just like that, the show has robbed me of any joy from Katrina, ever. No one has campaigned harder than me for Katrina as awesome villain, but that only works if it’s not an enchantment! She needs to choose evil! This is just one in a series of creepy violations being visited upon her. Katrina Crane: inheritor of the sad trombone, at the end of a monster of the week that only reminded us that the dinghy of this season is going in circles.

— io9 (x)

 Katrina again seems more like a prop than a character and I do wonder how much longer we can live in hope that she can continue to serve any sort of purpose beyond being their human version of Wikipedia to speed the story along when they can’t be bothered with another research scene.

— The Cult Den (x)

Question: Please tell me that the dreaded Crane family drama hour on Sleepy Hollow is over? I was very disappointed with the first half of this season and I am looking forward to the second half if only it gets back to the first season formula. Also, any news on a renewal, and if heads will roll for the decline in ratings and upset of fans this year? — Tina

Matt Roush: My, what a bloodthirsty reaction — although given this show’s proclivity for beheadings, perhaps perfectly in keeping. What we’re witnessing in Sleepy Hollow is a classic sophomore slump, more noticeable than some because the first season was such a breakout hoot, and much of the second such a drag (except I’ve lost none of my affection for Ichabod and his rants against 21st-century excesses). It’s possible there could be a housecleaning to bring new writer-producers on board, though I’ve heard nothing to that effect, but even if the show can’t entirely redeem itself by the season finale, I can’t imagine Fox will bail on it just yet. Nor, for that matter, should we. Although I wouldn’t blame you if you saw a plot description for another Katrina-centric hour.

— TV Guide, Ask Matt (x)

Speaking of which, another name for Sleepy Hollow these days could be Katrina, Katrina, Katrina. And before you say it, this is NOT about shipping Abbie and Ichabod, which I admit I do. But I’m perfectly happy having that be a sloooooow burn. The problem with Katrina this season is that she keeps messing EVERYthing up. Where did her super powerful witch magic go? Better yet, where did her brain go?

— Voice of TV (x)

Katrina is boring. There, I said it. She’s like a warm glass of milk you’re forced to drink and then choke on halfway through. And Ichabod is a gentleman and a scholar who deserves more than a lying witch. (That’s not a euphemism, she really is a liar and a witch.)

— Buzzfeed (x)

And here you have the dreaded sophomore slump. It’s possible, of course, that there are viewers out there who wanted to see more of Ichabod’s wife , or wanted to hear her and Ichabod argue over their grown son’s mother fixations and Satanic leanings. The ratings, however, would indicate otherwise.

— USA Today (x)

The odds are stacked so high against Team Crane that it would’ve been nice for them to get an ally who could actually help them gain some ground. Instead, we got stuck with a mostly powerless witch who for some crazy reason is stuck in the middle of a love triangle between Ichabod and Abraham. I am not interested in Katrina’s conflicted feelings toward Abraham. I am not interested in Ichabod and Katrina working through their marital woes. I’m not interested in Katrina forcing her way into Team Crane. I’m not interested in Katrina’s poorly veiled jealousy toward Abbie. I’m just not interested in Katrina. Period.

— TV Equals  (x)

That hell beast Katrina

I’m not sure this even counts as a worst because every show needs a villain, but Katrina is definitely the villain of Sleepy Hollow. It’s not Moloch, it’s not Henry, it’s not us dirty, sinning heathens in the audience who don’t pay attention to the religious references and are just here for the crazy. It’s Katrina.

— The Backlot (x)