(I am the shoop master.  You may call me Shooperman.  Which I believe is the name of Sean Connery’s favorite superhero.  Heh.)

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Suddenly Changelings!

Commission of my OC as a Changeling, done by KatOtter.  I love how he turned out here.  The shading, the look of utter shock and even the way his mane and tail are full of holes is fantastic, almost like he was walking through a open field in the dark, suddenly the moon breaks through the clouds and somewhere between then and now, he’s become a Changeling.  AaaaH!  This was most definitely not on his list of things to do that night.

I think it’s just a brilliantly done picture.

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I made a 2 year anniversary fanart thingy for AskASketchyPony.  This took way longer to render than I thought it would.

Thanks, Obama.

Also, happy (insert multitude of celebratory things), Kat!

So here’s a thing I did for that branding project a while back. Woooo fake video game stuff.

and animating in after effects can go jump out a window I swear to god

edit well darn it was supposed to move the file must be too big :/

"Hey baby, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"

An AWESOME commission of Metal by KatOtter, mod of Ask A Sketchy Pony.  Seriously, that face is priceless.  Except I paid for it, so it was, in fact, priced…. whatever semantics IT’S GREAT!

(btw if anyone wants a great artist to commission, I believe Kat is still looking for more work to do.  Go talk to her at  )