Another picture of my character Katome, done for the same reasons as the Adventure Time pic with Roland and Duke. I made him when I was 13, roughly 9 years ago and yeah… at the time he was a blatant Inuyasha rip-off, but with the ability to control fire. He got better though! Got his own personality, lost the cat ears somewhat recently, changed his hairstyle, etc etc. He’s one of my oldest and most favorite characters at this point, and he’s really nothing like Inuyasha anymore… I just hate that his origins were totally unoriginal. At least I made up for it later. :P

Quick sketch/photo manipulation of one of my oldest original characters, Katome. He’s a fire demon. He looks a little polynesian here, so I may need to draw him slightly less tan in the future. I need to get in the habit of drawing these guys again!

all cas and I talk about is how much we love each other and we literally hate it but we also can’t fucking stop and this has been happening since we met and I am still not tired of telling her how horribly in love with her I am